16 Dollar Store Hacks for Easy & Cheap Spring Cleaning

16 Dollar Store Hacks for Easy & Cheap Spring Cleaning
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Despite the weeks flying by, we're still having a hard time digesting how in the world it's 2020 already, but before we know it, it'll be time for spring cleaning once again. Of course, we're allowed to clean at any point during the year, but spring -- when it finally starts to get warm outside and everything feels refreshed and new -- is a great time to do the deep cleaning and organizing that our houses so desperately need. And fortunately, accomplishing this huge task doesn't have to be expensive, thanks to the dollar store.

There are a lot of dollar store hacks out there, from crafting projects to play room tips and everything in between, but what can be the most helpful sometimes are the ones that help us organize and clean our houses (and therefore our lives). Thanks to a quick run to the dollar store, we can whip our houses into shape without spending a ton of money. It's like magic! 

Read on for some of the best (read: easiest and cheapest) dollar store spring cleaning hacks we've found. For just a small investment and plenty of time (and hopefully, even some help from the kiddos), the house can be sparkling in no time. Yeah, we'd way rather call the professionals in to do it for us, but when that's just not in the budget, these hacks can be major time and life savers.

  • Make a Kids' Cleaning Kit


    Planning on getting the kids involved with spring cleaning this year? Head to the dollar store to stock up on supplies to create their own cleaning caddy first. Not only can the caddy itself be purchased there, but so can other supplies like cleaning cloths, spray bottles, and sponges, and who knows? A kit like this might actually make them a little more excited to help out.

  • DIY Cleaning Supplies From the Dollar Store 


    Cleaning supplies can get expensive, especially for those of us planning a large house overhaul in honor of spring cleaning this year. Fortunately, that's where the dollar store comes in -- this list includes ingredients like vinegar and baking soda that can be combined to create any cleaning product that someone might need to whip the house into shape at a fraction of the cost. 

  • Organize the Bathroom


    Spring cleaning is as good a time as any to get the bathroom under control ... even if it's so easy to let the toiletries, makeup, and hair accessories pile up. Using baskets and jars from the dollar store, it's easy to tidy up under the bathroom sink and put all those loose tubes of toothpaste exactly where they go -- all in one place. So refreshing! 

  • Save Money on Cleaning Products 


    Before getting out the vacuum and putting the spring cleaning 2020 plan in full swing, figure out what can actually be purchased at a lower price at the dollar store. The link from this pin is a great place to start -- there are a lot of cleaning products (some even name brand) that are just as effective sold for only $1, leaving money freed up for things that are way more fun than cleaning.

  • Stock Up on Baskets


    Let's be real: Every time we see a beautifully organized pantry or linen closet on Instagram, it's usually stocked with matching baskets that can cost upwards of $20 a piece at stores like Target -- who has that kind of cash just for organizing? Fortunately, similar baskets are sold at the dollar store for a lot less, so it's definitely worth checking out.

  • Organize Cords With Eyeglass Cases 


    Most of us live in houses where cables and cords are everywhere. Phone charging cords, battery cords, earphones ... these things are all over the place, and therefore almost impossible to find when we actually need them. That all comes to an end by buying eyeglass cases at the dollar store. Each can hold a cord, and designate a basket or drawer to keep the cases in. They're clean, they're all in one place ... what more could we want? 

  • Organize Saran Wrap & Foil 


    Are those pesky long, rectangular boxes filling up valuable shelf or drawer space in the kitchen? Yep, there's a dollar store solution for this one, too. Buy a magazine holder, attach it to the inside of a cabinet, and boom -- freed up drawer space and a handy place to keep these products. 

    And speaking of magazine holders... 

  • Actually, Use Magazine Holders To Organize Just About Anything 


    As it turns out, these little $1 wonders are good for organizing all kinds of stuff, from printer paper in the office to canned goods in the pantry -- it even helps organize all of the reusable water bottles that everyone seems to amass in large quantities that take up space in our kitchen cabinets. It's a tiny investment that will definitely go a long way at home.  

  • Burlap Baskets


    Love the look of burlap baskets but want to save money? Yup, the dollar store can help here, too. Pick up some of these dollar store baskets and some burlap from the fabric store, and it's easy to create the same cute look for a lot less -- and we're willing to bet that no one who visits to check out the newly organized digs will be the wiser. 

  • Organize the Silverware Drawer 


    If the silverware drawer is looking rough these days, this is an inexpensive and fast project to take on that will make emptying the dishwasher so much easier -- it's even something the kids can do, too. These drawer organizers can be purchased at the dollar store, and they help turn a chaotic, messy drawer into a place where it's easy to see how many forks are clean. 

  • Pick Up a Shoe Organizer 


    The beauty of a shoe organizer is that it's so much more useful than just organizing shoes! Hang one of these bad boys on the back of any bedroom or closet door, and suddenly, there's a place to keep medication, cleaning products, makeup -- seriously, the sky's the limit, and it's probably available for just a dollar. Why not grab one for every room?

  • Organize Cooking Utensils 


    Mason jars are never in short supply at the dollar store, and they're pretty enough to display on the kitchen counter to keep cooking utensils organized and out where we can see them while we're making dinner. To add an extra something, it's definitely an option to paint them different colors to match the kitchen, but it's definitely not necessary.

  • Class Up the Kitchen Sink


    Tired of looking at soap bottles while washing the dishes? The dollar store can even help make this chore a little prettier (and therefore more fun). Purchase glass bottles to store the soap in instead -- buy two, so one can store dish soap while the other can store hand soap. Even olive oil bottles can work here, too, which is a plus.

  • Art Supplies, All In One Place 


    These caddies are sold at the dollar store, too, and they can be used for all kinds of purposes -- including in the craft room or the play room. They make it easy to organize art supplies, like colored pencils and markers, which makes cleanup a breeze. Don't forget to test all the markers while organizing and throw out the ones that don't work anymore! 

  • Get the Linen Closet Organized 


    These clear plastic baskets may not be as gorgeous as what we've seen on Instagram, but they do the job, and best of all? They cost $1. Buy as many as needed to organize things like toilet paper, beauty products, and spare toiletries, making it easy to see at a quick glance what needs to be added to the shopping list that week. Marie Kondo would be proud! 

  • Create a Command Center 


    Anyone who has a busy family with different schedules can use this command center in the kitchen or by the front door, and best of all, it's created with items purchased at the dollar store ... and it definitely doesn't look like it! It's pretty, it's functional, and best of all, it's cheap -- and once the cleaning is done, it will help keep everyone organized and on track. 

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