20 Boredom Busters for Snow Days

Genny Glassman | Jan 24, 2020 Home & Garden
20 Boredom Busters for Snow Days
Image: AleksandarNakic/iStock

boy in the snow

Those long, long days of winter can be a bummer. And a snow day can be both a blessing -- or a curse. There's no school, no friends, and everyone is going just a little bit stir crazy inside the house all day. So what can a mom or dad do to keep the doldrums away? There are plenty of things that parents can plan to do that are relatively free or cheap, as well as easy with kids of all ages. All it takes is a little imagination and this helpful list of excellent boredom busters that we've compiled. And we promise there isn't a screen in sight. For instance, why not take advantage of the snow and make some snow ice cream? Or "pretend" to make some rough looking baked goods, just like they do on the hit Netflix show Nailed It! Take a look at our list and discover just how many things kids can do on a snowy day stuck inside.


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