20 DIY Thanksgiving Craft Projects That Aren't Super Messy

20 DIY Thanksgiving Craft Projects That Aren't Super Messy
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DIY Thanksgiving Craft Projects That Aren't Super Messy

Whenever there's a holiday, there's an opportunity to make holiday-themed crafts, which we love. But it's equally true that an opportunity to make holiday-themed crafts also means more holiday-themed messes for us to clean up ... which we don't exactly love. Lucky for you, these crafts are totally, 100% glitter-free -- yes, we're heroes -- and many of them just involve stuff like folding paper and tying knots. There are some items that require some glue, but those can usually be replaced with glue dots. For anyone who hasn't experienced the absolute joy of glue dots, check them out: they're tiny dots, much like those candy dots on the paper rolls we ate as kids, only these are sticky enough to make crafts hold together, but are totally mess-free. They're definitely pricier than a bottle of glue, but less pricey than a new coffee table or carpet, so... we call it a win.

But while crafting is awesome, there are so many wonderful aspects of the holiday. Yes, there's family -- we'll get to that in a minute -- but primarily, there's pie. For anyone who just cannot get behind making a homemade pie dough, we feel it -- it's hard to work with, it's annoying ... but let's face it, the frozen crusts just don't ever taste great. Our solution: the heck with the crust. Instead, check out crustless pies to try this Thanksgiving. They're delicious, and the stuff with the actual flavor -- the filling! -- is the star of the show, and it's way easier to make. So OK, yes, back to family, the other best part of Thanksgiving. We adore our kids, but they're often underfoot when we're trying to cook. This Thanksgiving, we have two ways to keep them occupied while the turkey is in the oven: creative games and  Thanksgiving activities to teach kids to be thankful, which sounds like it's hard work on our end, until we remember that we can assign a teenage cousin to leading the younger ones through it. Delegate!