Essential Gifts for a Newly Adult (Well, Adult-ish) Child

Wendy Robinson | Sep 23, 2019 Home & Garden
Essential Gifts for a Newly Adult (Well, Adult-ish) Child
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There is nothing like the excitement of that first post-college apartment. For the parent of an adult (or at least adult-ish) child, this can be a bittersweet moment. In a lot of ways, seeing your adult child ready to live on their own and start their grown-up life means that you did it! You successfully raised a child to be a functional adult, which is a major parenting goal, right? On the other hand, transitions are always emotional, even when they are happy ones. Some moms might feel a little sad that their adult children might not need them as much anymore. But as anyone who has ever started out on their own knows, new apartments mean you need stuff, and that's where you come in for the assist. 

It's hard for someone living on their own to know all the things they need to make their apartment feel like home. In this shopping guide, you'll find 20 essential gifts to help your fledgling adult ready for life on their own. From kitchen essentials to DIY basics, this list is a great way to give them a little more help as they start the next phase of their life. 

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