15 Road-Trip Stops to See the Best Autumn Colors

Danyale Reed | Aug 30, 2019 Home & Garden
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  • Catskills Mountains

    Catskills Mountains

    Hike through the Catskills Mountains, one of the most adored places for transformative fall colors in the country. Choose from shorter, family-friendly hikes so we can spend more time gawking at the rainbow assortment of trees, or take our time and get closer to nature on an extended campout. For those of us who prefer to admire nature on-the-go, scenic drives make this a great destination.

  • Bryce Canyon, Utah

    Bryce Canyon, Utah

    Most people wouldn't think of visiting Utah to see fall colors, but Bryce Canyon will leave leaf-peepers speechless. The contrasting tones of desert-like browns and vibrant green leaves meet the deeper reds and yellows that change with the season. Compared with the northeastern states, Utah sees autumn come and go a bit quicker, taking these beautiful colors away sometimes as soon as early October. So, hit up Bryce Canyon sooner rather than later.

  • Henniker, New Hampshire

    Henniker, New Hampshire

    Another stop well known for its glorious fall colors is Henniker, New Hampshire. The leaves might be falling off, but the trees seem as alive as they'll ever be and complemented by covered bridges that add something special to this road trip. Stick close to New England College for the best bridges and scenic drives.

  • Twin Lakes, Colorado

    Twin Lakes, Colorado

    Definitely get out of the car for this one. Twin Lakes in Colorado is always a spectacle, with its heavenly carved, mountainous backdrop, but it's a dream during autumn. Take a hike, rent a small boat, or go horseback riding between brightly colored trees fading into their next colors. The landscape is expansive enough (and fully stocked with recreational activities) that we can truly take our time, breathe in the cool air, and relax in complete peace.

  • Huntington, Vermont

    Huntington, Vermont

    Since Vermont is mostly covered in forests, it shouldn't shock anyone to know this is the place to find autumn colors at their finest. What might be surprising is the actual sighting of the sunset-colored leaves, in amazing reds, oranges and yellows, that cascade from tree to tree. The abundance of maple trees, since they have a wider variety of colored leaves compared with other trees, add a special element to the stunning fall arrangement in places like Huntington.

  • Hiawatha National Forest, Michigan

    Hiawatha National Forest, Michigan

    Another place filled with maple trees (among others) is Hiawatha National Forest, located in Michigan's Upper Peninsula. Autumn is a great time to drive through the lush scenery, miss the crowds, and do some salmon fishing. Grab a nice spot by Red Jack Lake for one of the prettiest reflections of natural landscape we'll ever see.

  • Albany, Oregon

    Albany, Oregon

    A good place to be during fall months, Oregon reigns supreme in the Northwest for perfect weather and hues of all kind. There's a generous spread of fall foliage statewide, but we love Albany for the scenic drive, which feels more like a seasonal "best of" tour. Get ready for colors to pop out in every direction, and have a camera ready (the passenger-side rider, of course) to snap these unforgettable sights.

  • Bainbridge Island, Washington

    Bainbridge Island, Washington

    Leave the car parked in Seattle and take a short ferry ride to Bainbridge Island, Washington. Along with impressive colors signaling the end of summer, we can also find attractions suited for road-trippers, including the Bainbridge Island Museum of Art. Conveniently close to downtown Seattle, the island offers travelers natural serenity while still providing access to city perks. Visitors will be much too consumed by the jaw-dropping colors of Bainbridge to think about what's happening in Seattle.

  • Central Park, New York

    Central Park, New York

    We can't make a list about fall wonderlands surrounded by urban jungles without mentioning Central Park in New York City. The massive public park gets a colorful makeover once summer is finished and turns into the setting of favorite romantic movies (think When Harry Met Sally). There's the Central Park Zoo, Victorian Gardens Amusement Park and horse-drawn carriages to accommodate a full family with a range of ages.

  • Indiana’s Historic Pathways

    Indiana’s Historic Pathways

    Resting in southern Indiana is another picturesque autumn experience that we won't have to get out of the car for. Indiana's Historic Pathways are rolling with hills of color-crowned trees. This drive is so stunning, it was designated as a National Scenic Byway, proof that the sights along the way are undeniably breathtaking.

  • Chicago, Illinois

    Chicago, Illinois

    Knock two things off the old travel to-do list with a stop in Chicago, Illinois, this fall. First get a photo with the legendary, shiny landmark "The Bean," then sample striking colors of the season in nearby parks. Illinois is a state brimming with autumnal hues, but Chicago is a destination where visitors can soak up that contagious metropolitan energy before hitting the road again.

  • Acadia National Park, Maine

    Acadia National Park, Maine

    Astounding Acadia National Park is always a treat, but post-summer is the most amazing time. Maine is a popular state for leaf-peepers who want a vision of color they won't soon forget. Specifically, Acadia National Park delivers views with a punch, especially from Cadillac Mountain. Perfect hiking weather and the most vibrant tones of color last through early to mid-October, so try to make it here before Halloween!

  • Burton, Ohio

    Burton, Ohio

    Host to the Applebutter Fest (a free event, not including parking), Burton, Ohio, is a town with the cozy colors, climate, and ciders that we expect to come with autumn. Outside of the festival (always held on the second weekend in October), peace and quiet are the main attractions here. Drive slowly to catch every possible view of foliage, and because it's common to share the road with a horse and carriage in this part of Ohio.

  • Double Trouble State Park, New Jersey

    Double Trouble State Park, New Jersey

    Visit Double Trouble State Park for full palette of autumn colors. Nestled within the park, leaf-peepers will find the expected fall tones they came for, along with the brilliant crimson-colored cranberry bogs that are harvested around this time of year. Pop into the historical cranberry-packing house, and add a history lesson to this seasonally suited stop.

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