Wife Stages Silent Protest By Not Washing Husband's Towel -- But 3 Months Later He Still Hasn't Noticed


Bathroom towels hanging

It's bad enough when our kids leave their towels on the floor, but when your husband gets sloppy in the bathroom and takes you for granted, well, that's certain grounds for divorce. Just kidding, but it is incredibly annoying and we don't blame one woman who was so sick of her husband never putting his used towel in the hamper that she stopped washing it -- and he has yet to notice. It's been months since she started her silent protest, and the longer it takes her husband to realize the more disgusted she's getting. 

  • For some reason, this woman's husband believes that a clean body = a clean towel so he's never considered it to be "laundry." 

    We all have our own definition of clean, but surely there aren't many of us who are walking around just not washing bathroom towels ... ever. But in the baffling post on Reddit, a fed-up wife explained that her husband has taken a stand to do just that.

    Despite being in charge of the laundry for the house, the woman wrote that she's been annoyed by her husband's refusal to help her in the slightest way by putting his towel with the rest of the laundry instead of pushing back that it doesn't need to be washed. "I, obviously, disagree and have been throwing his towel in the wash at least 2-3 times a month for the 7 years we have been married," she wrote. "A few months ago though, I just.....got fed up. Something just snapped, and I stopped putting his towel in the laundry." 

    It's now been three months and she doesn't think he's noticed it yet. 

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  • Online, some people were shook by the wife's nasty form of payback.

    "I'd still mention you're not washing his towels, mildew or something could cause a problem for him," one person wrote. "It can be up to him if he wants to wash the towel himself, apologize and see if you'll wash it, or continue with unwashed towels, either way, it's not your responsibility what happens if you let him know."

    Someone else agreed that the wife should spill the beans. "I do think you should tell him because it’s gross, but you guys agreed on you do all the laundry that goes into the laundry bin," one user wrote. "He knows it won’t get washed unless it goes in the bin and everything else gets washed that goes in there. But dude, tell your man his towel isn’t getting washed and that it’s gross. Get him to smell it and see what he says and if he’ll put it in the laundry bin then."

    A third person bizarrely thought her husband had a point. "I don't share [Original Poster's] husband views, but do you not wash your (expletive) and genitals in the shower? why would it matter if the towel is just drying up water from a presumably clean surface now?" the commenter wrote.

    Um, there is a pretty big difference between using a towel that's wiped your butt and a towel fresh from the laundry, but that's just my crazy opinion.

    Later in the thread, the woman added that she made her decision because she was tired of telling him to pick up. "(The towel) never makes it into the laundry bin. Ever," she wrote. "If it did, I absolutely would wash it. Just tired of picking it up from wherever. He does put the rest of his clothes in the bin."

  • Other people thought the husband's behavior was even nastier than his wife's payback and told the OP to rock on with her clean towels.

    "He knows the arrangement, that things in the bin get washed. If he's not putting his towel in the bin, then he already knows it is not getting washed," one person commented.

    "Maybe he thinks towels just naturally smell like fresh lavender after he wipes on them," wrote someone else.

    "If he insists towels don’t need to be washed, he should be just fine the way things are," a third commenter chimed in. "Enjoy your own soft, fresh smelling towels."

    In an update, the annoyed wife clarified that the towel hangs outside to dry after he showers so it doesn't smell that bad yet. But that's not the point. "I did launder it for 7 whole years. Every single time, I would make it a point to tell him and remind him to throw it in the bin next time," she wrote.

    "I am doing enough of the mental legwork to be bothered with remembering one more thing at this point. We have a small kid now, I work as well. If he doesn't want it washed, it doesn't get washed. Yes, I absolutely am being petty. I do understand and acknowledge that."