New Photo Project Celebrates the Daily Lives of Women

stuffed animals

Photo by Blair via Habit

Love this new photo project from Emily and Molly, called habit, where they "celebrate the bits of our daily lives."

From dishes to messes to snowy stoops, here's a way to celebrate and honor the everyday beauty at home and outdoors.

Each day, Emily, Molly, and their invited guests post photographs of their daily "habits" and a few words about the specific day. Some days are hard, some days are funny, but every day is real.

Emily and Molly's hope for habit:
"we are hoping to capture the collective life of a community of women who are artists and writers, photographers and bloggers, mothers and sisters and daughters and granddaughters, and thinkers and seers and wonderers. we believe that there will be something extraordinary about holding these pieces of life together in one place."

I'm sold. New photos will be posted daily, and you'll find me there each day—a new pretty habit for this mama.

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