20 Fun & Romantic Places To Go On a Babymoon

Mandy Velez | Jul 1, 2019 Home & Garden
20 Fun & Romantic Places To Go On a Babymoon
Image: @rmaebarkai via Twenty20

@rmaebarkai via Twenty20

It's unclear exactly when babymoons became a thing, but they're certainly a trend now. For those unfamiliar, a babymoon can be classified as a mom-to-be or mom- and dad-to-be who take a trip before baby is actually born. Many see it as a trip to relax before having to do the monumental task of raising another human in their first years of life. Others see it as a time to just go on one last trip before life gets crazy. It's not to say that parents can't go anywhere after having a child. There are many moms out there who have the travel bug and take any opportunity they can (like maternity leave) to feed their wanderlust. But it is nice to travel without having kids, or without having to worry about anything kid-related, period. Babymoons are so popular that even celebrities embark on their own trips

So what does it take to plan the perfect babymoon? Well, to start, it's about figuring out a place to go. Like most trips, it comes to do first thinking about where one would like to go. If dad is coming along, where will he like to go? Now, there's some other things to consider: Is the destination safe for pregnant women? Zika was a concern a few years ago so we made sure to steer away from places that may still be infected. But ultimately, it's up to mama to chat with her doctor about what's best. 

Another aspect of a babymoon to consider? Is it supposed to be relaxing or more adventurous? Maybe both? Europe is a great place to see before baby, but if walking a lot will cause a pregnant woman's ankles to swell it may not be the best idea -- to visit a walk-only city at least. In this case, a resort or island-type environment may be a better option. There's also middle ground options (like Puerto Rico, San Diego, and Belize) that have both fun and culture. Everybody wins! And if the babymoon happens to be in a foodie town, baby will, too.

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  • San Juan, Puerto Rico

    San Juan, Puerto Rico
    @MartinWheeler via Twenty20

    San Juan is ideal for couples who want to stay in the US (yay, no passports needed) but enjoy all the comforts a Caribbean vacation has to offer. San Juan is equal parts beauty and culture. Mom can't enjoy the rum, but she can indulge in the amazing food. 

  • Bahamas

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    Many women who have been on babymoons before have touted the Bahamas as being an optimal choice for expecting parents. Aside from it being stunning, it's been deemed Zika virus-free.

  • Belize

    @klintarnold via Twenty20

    Belize is another stunning destination with turquoise waters and relaxing cabanas. The Central American destination has rain forest for the land fun and a reef for water fun.

  • Savannah, Georgia

    Savannah, GA
    @ashragon84 via Twenty20

    Savannah is becoming more popular for its relaxing Southern charm and delicious food. It's also gorgeous. The photo above is from Forsyth Park, which has absolutely breathtaking views. 

  • Hawaii

    @makenamedia via Twenty20

    Hawaii is a classic destination spot but it really doesn't get any more romantic. There's ocean-view drives to take, clear water to play in, and great culture to explore. 

  • Toronto, Canada

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    Toronto is a great place to explore for couples who love an urban pace but are looking for something new. The Canadian city boasts parks, food markets, museums, the famous CN Tower, and even a beach.

  • Orlando, Florida

    Orlando, Epcot
    @beachbumledford via Twenty20

    Orlando is for those who are still kids at heart. The Florida city has Disney World, but it also has the Epcot resort for different around-the-world cuisines as well as springs for relaxing and crowd-less swimming. 

  • Porto, Portugal

    Porto, Portgual
    @banu via Twenty20

    Porto is Lisbon's romantic little sister. Porto is touted as being as city, but it still has its romantic vibe. The town sits along a river with stunning views.  

  • Positano, Italy

    Positano, Italy
    @heatherdeffense via Twenty20

    That iconic and stunning Positano view isn't just good in pictures, it's amazing to see in real life. Fly over to Italy then hit its coast for a romantic getaway in the Almafi.

  • Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

    @shepardheff via Twenty20

    Philadelphia is the City of Brotherly Love, but it can be the City of Babymoon love, too. There's the Schuylkill River and Delaware River to stroll along, the art museum, and tons of amazing eats. 

  • Seville, Spain

    Seville Spain
    @heatherdeffense via Twenty20

    For breathtaking architecture, great food, and culture to explore, head to Seville, Spain. Just strolling around marveling at the city's buildings and churches is an activity in itself. 

  • Charleston, South Carolina

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    Babies and Charleston have something in common: pastels! Seriously though, Charleston has that welcoming, laid-back Southern touch and amazing barbecue that baby-to-be will likely enjoy as well. 

  • San Diego, California

    San Diego, CA
    @emilyhinde via Twenty20

    San Diego is an oasis for animal life and those who love kicking back on the beach. It's home to some sanctuaries, including a lion reserve, a well as Sunset Cliffs National Park

  • Aruba

    @rmaebarkai via Twenty20

    Aruba is the place to relax and forget any problem one may have. With its stunning views and all-inclusive packages, it's hard not to.

  • Marseille & South of France

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    Many women from a travel Facebook group this writer is in says a prime babymoon spot is anywhere in the south of France. Marseille, specifically, has stunning nature and buildings: from cliffs along the coast to historic basilicas. 

  • Banff, Canada

    Banff, Canada
    @Brad_Altbaum via Twenty20

    Banff, Canada, is for the more adventurous babymooners. Pack hiking shoes and take in the waterfalls, lakes, and mountains. 

  • Austin, Texas

    Austin, Texas
    @TerryWalshImages via Twenty20

    Can you tell we like food? Austin has a lot of it. And most mamas-to-be can't really argue with that. It also has super fun nightlife for a last hurrah (for a while) before baby.

  • Santorini, Greece

    Santorini, Greece
    @fourstock via Twenty20

    Places that don't feel real? Add Santorini to that list. It's a perfect combination of being laid-back, by the sea, and also with a rich culture. In this case, it's Greek, and yes, amazing food is a huge draw.

  • Newport, Rhode Island

    Rhode Island
    @serafina_c via Twenty20

    For those looking to explore the East Coast, or the New England area, Newport is a quaint beach town. It sits along the water where many sailboats dock and truly feels like a breath of fresh air. 

  • Montego Bay, Jamaica

    @vaneemac via Twenty20

    Sometimes babymoons shouldn't include doing anything at all. Jamaica is a good place to do nothing and its tourism industry makes relaxation a priority for visitors.

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