40 Cool Cookout Accessories Everyone Needs This Summer

40 Cool Cookout Accessories Everyone Needs This Summer
Image: UncommonGoods/Etsy


We've all heard the saying, "Life's a picnic." And in so many ways, a picnic is so much like life: It's all about surrounding ourselves with good people, enjoying delicious food and making sure we don't spill the good wine. See, just like life.

As we head into outdoor-eating season, start prepping and planning ahead so that all those picnics or barbecues or beach parties sail along just as smoothly as life does (or at least, as smoothly as we'd like it to). That means having all of the right accessories, like grills and plates and chairs and picnic baskets. Maybe an invitation to make it official, and some decorations to make everyone feel welcome when they get there.

We can't guarantee everyone's life will be a picnic, but we can try and help things go smoothly. We've gathered up some useful finds and clever gadgets that will make that picnic go off without a hitch, and hopefully be fun and memorable, too. Things like a biodegradable cardboard grill that doesn’t need to be cleaned and put in the car, and a kit that has everything one needs for a picnic for two, including a table. And then are those things that are useful, but also purely for fun like the cooler that looks like a tree stump that one can also sit on. Because as in life, we all need to take some time, grab a cold drink and relax on a vinyl nature facsimile once in a while. 

Read on for 40 other items that will come in handy as we prepare for our al fresco eating events over the next few months. And don't wait too long to start planning: the warm months, like life, don't last forever.

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