Be the Envy of the Block With These Adorable Outdoor Decor Ideas on the Cheap

Mandy Velez | May 28, 2019 Home & Garden
Be the Envy of the Block With These Adorable Outdoor Decor Ideas on the Cheap
Image: Walmart


Having a chic and decorated home interior is important, truly. It's where guests will be invited in to talk, hang out, visit, watch shows, have parties, and celebrate. But while first impressions are important when it comes to meeting people for the first time, this motto falls by the wayside sometimes when it comes to a home's outdoor spaces. Most people don't realize their porch, patio or backyard area could use a makeover, or if they do, it hasn't happened yet. This might have something to do with some places not having decent weather year-round, so what's the point? Or, it might have to do with just not knowing how to make it look good. And when we mean good, we mean something out of Better Homes & Gardens mag, or close to it. It may appear difficult or expensive, but with Walmart's outdoor items, it's actually incredibly easy (and affordable). 

So how does one upgrade a patio or backyard? Regardless of a person's design capabilities it is possible -- with a few outdoor decorating tips and the right pieces. That's where we come in. Remember that little tidbit about Walmart offering great deals on adorable outdoor decor? We went ahead and decided to investigate and found plenty of items to transform the outdoor space from drab to fab. And it doesn't have to be a heavy haul -- it's all about adding small elements or touches and building them out. Have boring flower planters? Swap them for bright and colorful ones to add some color to the area. Want to host but all there's to work with is a table and chairs? Two words: bar cart. They aren't just for indoors and really decorate a space while also being a functional piece of furniture. 

Here's the good news: Nature in itself is beautiful so everything will just complement what's already there! Take a look at the items below and make the home's outdoor space just as fun and cozy as what's on the inside. And do it on a budget. Happy decorating! 

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  • Amish Wagon Backyard Planter


    Plants are always a good idea when it comes to dressing up the outside of a home, but this cute wagon planter takes it to the next level. When the warm weather changes to fall, bring it indoors. 

    Amish Wagon Backyard Planter ($27, Walmart)

  • Steel Lantern


    Sometimes a backyard or front porch needs a little something to dress it up and a steel lantern can do just that. It's chic and has the option to put a candle inside, too.

    Steel Lantern ($4, Walmart)

  • Clear Globe String Lights


    Get a starry night sky every night with beautiful string lights. The globe shape makes these feel upscale to transform the space into a calming oasis. 

    Clear Globe String Lights ($12, Walmart)

  • Outdoor Area Rug


    Rugs bring a space together and outside spaces are no different. Get a patterned one like this one from Safavieh’s Courtyard Collection and up the cozy game. 

    Outdoor Area Rug (from $17, Walmart)

  • Wishing Well Planter


    Wishing wells are literally out of fairy tales, which means having one in the yard (front or back) will give it an adorable, whimsical feel. It's even more amazing because it's a planter and can hold flowers, too.

    Wishing Well Planter ($55, Walmart)

  • Paisley Outdoor Accent Pillows


    Dress up an outdoor bench, swing or chair with these paisley outdoor pillows. They'll add a pop of color and comfort for whoever sits on it, visitors included. 

    Paisley Outdoor Accent Pillows, Set of 2 ($27, Walmart)

  • Hanging Solar LED Patio Umbrella


    Umbrellas are functional as both a decor piece and a shade-giver. This 10-foot patio umbrella from Walmart goes the extra mile with solar-powered LED energy-efficient lighting.

    Hanging Solar LED Patio Umbrella ($96, Walmart)

  • Granite Garden Bench


    Garden benches are also multifunctional outdoor decor. Whether its used as simply a garden addition or a place to sit after gardening, or to enjoy nature, it will definitely gets its fair share of use.  

    Granite Garden Bench ($56, Walmart)

  • Pedestal Bird Bath Fountain


    Speaking of garden accessories, this pedestal bird bath fountain makes a lovely addition. It features three tiers and is resistant to rust and fading. 

    Pedestal Bird Bath Fountain ($35, Walmart)

  • Lemongrass Hand-Glazed Candles


    The smallest piece can make a big difference, and that's especially true with candles. These hand-glazed ones are made with citronella & lemongrass to help repel pesky mosquitoes. 

    Lemongrass Hand-Glazed Candles ($11, Walmart)

  • LED Candle


    If tried and true is the goal, look no further than the flameless pillar LED candle that "burns" on a four- to eight-hour timer. What's special about this one is that is water- and weather-resistant and can stand up to the elements outdoors in a way that regular candles cannot.

    LED candle ($6, Walmart)

  • Decorative Outdoor Planner


    If saving is a prerogative, a decor tip is to be intentional with the items that are in the outdoor space anyway. For example, planters are sometimes needed to get as plants grow -- use them as ways to dress up the space.

    Decorative Outdoor Planter ($6-$28, Walmart)

  • Wood Barrel Water Fountain


    Add some soothing sounds and water to the outdoor decor. This wood barrel water fountain will add a "touch of country" charm to a patio or backyard and (best part) is fast to set up. 

    Wood Barrel Water Fountain ($88, Walmart)

  • Folding Serving Cart


    Bar carts are becoming another one of those outdoor items that double as both decor and for functionality. Bring one outside for drinks, serving plates, or appetizer items. 

    Folding Serving Cart ($63, Walmart)

  • Accent Table


    Place a cute accent table next to the front door or out on the deck and it becomes simply the "deck" or "porch" to its own outdoor space. This one from Costway is made of steel and comes in cobalt blue for a pop of color. 

    Accent Table ($53, Walmart)

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