20 Gifts For Dads Who Can't Get Enough of Sports

Mandy Velez | May 28, 2019 Home & Garden
20 Gifts For Dads Who Can't Get Enough of Sports
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Father's Day is a day to celebrate dad in all his glory. That means appreciating him for who he is, whether that means he's big into investing, the arts, or way too many "dad jokes." This also includes sports. Some dads are low key into sports, enjoying a game and having a team, but that's it. But some dads take it a step further: They're in front of the TV every game or, better yet, have season tickets. They support (and sometimes cry with) their teams each year, and everyone knows where they stand. In many cases, they were the ones to introduce others to the game. Those dads deserve dad love too, in the form of sports gifts that will put a smile on their face. And thanks to the popularity of this type of dad, a bunch of gifts options exist for them.

Now, sports are different, so it would be unfair to group dads in one big "sports" group. There are different leagues and kinds of sports and teams. Some dads may love baseball whereas others may bleed the colors of their long-loved NFL team. This can make things complicated when trying to shop, because what exactly would they like or what do they already have on the walls of their man cave? 

To make it easy, we rounded up some normal and not-so-normal sports or sports-related gifts that dad will love whether he's a golfer or a skier. Or whether he prefers pucks to basketballs. They're unique and useful enough for dad to feel both appreciated and like an advocate for his team. We're talking cornhole boards, sports caps, and beer glasses to more interesting things such as a golf-shaped grilling set to home plate doormat. Have a look and choose whatever will speak best to dad. No matter what, walking away with a W is inevitable.

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  • Home Plate Doormat


    Baseball dads love home runs, and having a home plate welcome mat will ensure he gets one every time he comes home. Works indoors or outdoors and can be easily cleaned.

    Home Plate Doormat ($30, Uncommon Goods)

  • Golfers BBQ Set


    Help dad bring the golf game to the backyard BBQ. These golf-shaped grilling set is just what he needs to score a hole in one (with the food.)

    Golfers BBQ Set ($34, Uncommon Goods)

  • Football Playbook Glasses


    Help dad keep his head in the game with this set of four football playbook glasses. Each cup has a different play, including shotgun, toss back, draw and blitz, which will make backyard games much more exciting. 

    Football Playbook Glasses ($42, Uncommon Goods)

  • Desktop Basketball


    Just because dad has a day job doesn't mean he can't practice. Get him a desktop basketball game and let him practice three-pointers in between meetings. 

    Desktop Basketball ($35, Uncommon Goods)

  • Ticket Stub Diary


    Give the gift of a special keepsake with a ticket stub diary. Dad can paste or tape his game tickets in the book to look back on for years to come.

    Ticket Stub Diary ($14, Uncommon Goods)

  • Team Garden Flag


    Make sure the whole neighborhood knows which team dad favors. Find one of the school or team of choice, and stick it in the front yard for all to behold. 

    Team Garden Flag  $12, Rally House)

  • Sports Hat


    The sports hat is a classic. This one is Yankees, but every team has a cap. And what better way for dad to show them off, and have some shade, than with one? 

    Sports Hat ($22, Rally House)

  • 2020 PGA Championship Tervis Tumbler Set


    Get dad excited for the 2020 PGA Championship game with a two-pack tumbler set. He can put his diet soda, water, or Gatorade inside when he hits the green himself. 

    2020 PGA Championship Tervis Tumbler Set ($30, Fanatics)

  • Recliner Protector


    Recliners get a lot of actions during the sport's seaso. Make sure it doesn't get worn out with stylish protection!  A sports recliner protector is a great way to protect furniture and show team pride at the same time. 

    Recliner Protector ($35, Fanatics)

  • Rosewood Cornhole Game Boards


    Bring out dad's competitive spirit with a backyard cornhole game. Not only can he play a "sport" but he can also show off his favorite team while doing it.

    Rosewood Cornhole Game Boards ($249, Fanatics)

  • Fanmug


    Why have a regular mug when he can have a fan mug with his favorite sports team? He can use it for holding a beer or soda or even pens at work. 

    Fanmug ($11, Fanatics) 

  • MLB Ballpark Passport


    If one of pop's goals is to get to every US ballpark, this stadium passport is the gift for him. He can record the fields he hits and keep the passport as a keepsake when he finally reaches his goal.

    MLB Ballpark Passport ($90, Fanatics)

  • Team Fleece Blanket


    Who doesn't love a good fleece blanket? A blanket becomes an even better gift when it displays dad's team. Just don't expect him to move from the warm couch once he has it. *wink*

    Team Fleece Blanket ($20, Fanatics)

  • Sports Vault Pizza Cutter


    Pizza and games just go together. Make slicing easy at home with a team-themed pizza cutter made from 100% stainless steel. 

    Sports Vault Pizza Cutter ($15, Fanatics)

  • iPhone Case


    An iPhone case is an affordable and fun way to show off team pride. Etsy features tons of cases with sports team's logos on them, such as this one for Red Sox fans.

    iPhone Case ($24, Etsy)

  • Baseball Pin Map


    A baseball pin map is another wonderful and decorative way to show off the stadiums dad has visited. It makes a great addition to any sports room or "man cave."

    Baseball Map ($35, Etsy)

  • Tailgate Table


    If dad is a tailgate fan, this outdoor table is for him. It's a "one-piece" design that features multiple levels and tables for storage and food. 

    GCI Outdoor Slim-Fold Cook Station ($70, Bed, Bath & Beyond)

  • Campfire Fishing Rod


    For dads that love camping and fishing, two worlds can combine with the campfire fishing rod. The description says it best: "Simply, place your hot dogs and marshmallows on the roasting hooks, gently shake the pole over the fire (like how you would jig an actual fishing pole), and watch as your snacks cook to perfection."

    Campfire Fishing Rod ($20, Home Wet Bar)

  • Mounted Recycled Ski Bottle Opener


    Can't forget about the ski dads or winter sports men out there. That's where the ski bottle opener comes in. It includes a magnet for the fridge and hardware for mounting a ski on the wall.

    Mounted Recycled Ski Bottle Opener ($45, Uncommon Goods)

  • Hockey Stick Snow Brush


    Score a goal in the form of cleaning snow off the car in record time. A hockey stick snow brush is perfect for dads who are big NHL or hockey fans but also live in colder temps. 

    Hockey Stick Snow Brush ($25, Uncommon Goods)

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