36 Accessories That'll Make the Pool Even More Fun This Summer

36 Accessories That'll Make the Pool Even More Fun This Summer
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At left, kids dive for pool toys; at right, a woman holds a rainbow and cloud-shaped pool float.

Summer is hands-down the best time of year. Sure, the kids are home 24/7 now, which can turn any house into a zoo overnight. And then there's the never-ending stream of laundry that seems to multiply ten-fold once school lets out. But summer also means backyard barbecues and roasting s'mores and warm nights spent catching fireflies. It means family vacays to new places and trips to the park. Bike riding around the neighborhood and listening for the sound of ice cream truck barreling down the street. It means (hopefully) sleeping in a bit longer and soaking in some sun and maybe even getting to that book that's been sitting on the nightstand collecting dust forever. And last -- but definitely not least -- summer means pool parties! (AKA the best kind of parties.)

A great big pool and a killer backyard space can make any summer pool party better. But what'll really take things next level are some top-notch pool accessories. I'm talking giant pool floats to lounge on. Inflatable ring toss games and water guns to keep the kids entertained. Floating drink holders for the adults that will make sure that rosé is always within arm's reach. 

Just picture it: Summer tunes are blasting through an outdoor speaker, while the grill's getting fired up and the kids are racing each other on their pool floaties. Later on, friends will be over for a never-ending game of pool volleyball, while Mom and Dad kick back and relax in inflatable pool chairs. With temperatures climbing, cooling off in the pool sounds pretty heavenly right about now. And with fun pool accessories like these, I can promise one thing: The kids will never be whining that they're "sooo bored." (I'd say that's a win-win for everyone!)

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