36 'Barndominiums' That'll Inspire Anyone to Ditch the Big City

36 'Barndominiums' That'll Inspire Anyone to Ditch the Big City
Image: Instagram

At left, an exterior shot of a cream-colored barndominium; at right, an inside view.

Any Fixer Upper fan worth their salt remembers the episode where Chip and Joanna transformed a run-down old barn and turned it into an incredible living space for a young family. It was chic, rustic, and oh-so-homey. But the best part was, it had such an incredible backstory. Chip and Joanna aren't the only ones transforming old barns into beautiful modern homes, though. The "barndominium" trend has been catching on like wildfire, and has become a great way for homeowners on a budget to buy low and repurpose a bit of history into something great. And the results are often incredible.

For one thing, barndominiums often have roomy, open floor plans that work well for families looking for more space. They also allow homeowners to become inspired when remodeling, thanks to their natural rustic charm. Love some exposed high beams? Chances are, an old country barn may have some that'll bring in that will offer cathedral-like ceilings with a farmhouse-style twist. 

Not all barndominiums are the results of massive renovations, though. Builders now have lots of new floor plan options and custom design kits inspired by the trend, so homeowners can get the living space they want, built from scratch. Many are also built to be more energy and cost-efficient, thanks to modern windows and concrete floors that regulate indoor temperatures, and more durable, due to their steel frame design. And perhaps best of all, they often come pre-engineered so construction is quicker and easier. Scroll on and get inspired by sliding barn doors, loft-style second floors, and the thought of being surrounded by nature.