20 Ways to Display All Those iPhone Photos That Isn't Facebook

Mandy Velez | May 15, 2019 Home & Garden
20 Ways to Display All Those iPhone Photos That Isn't Facebook
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Photography dominates the world right now. It has since it was first invented, of course, but as cameras become more high-tech and available (hey, smartphone pics), seeing photography from everyday people and of kids is more common. Moms knows this more than anyone as they are usually the ones taking the photos of their kids -- though they should definitely step in front of the camera more. Photos used to fill scrapbooks and photo albums, then social media came along and photos flooded Facebook. Now, Instagram is in the mix as influencers, those with kids and without, show off their lives in filters and different places multiple times a day. 

But with this immediacy to post photos online, the joy of actually holding a physical photo has lessened. Unless one has a phone-to-printer device, it's not as easy to immediately have photos to display. The photos live forever in the Cloud or on internet or wherever digital pictures live.

But some old-school traditions, like having physical photos, are worth going back to! Or at the least, doing that alongside the online photo-posting thing. Post those cute photos from the movies or the park, but print out the bigger photos of the more important events: vacations, weddings, graduations.

And there's good news! Photo albums are not the only ways to catalog memories. There's tons of interesting and creative ways to display photos that moms can DIY themselves or purchase from more creative types. There are even options to wear or carry around the photos for others  to see, too. We're talking photos on vases, bracelets, blankets, or pillows. 

There are even services that use technology to create photo books online, so printing out isn't necessary. Some ideas are simple (like a piece of wood and clothespins) and others are more intense (again, the photo blanket), but no matter what, photos should and can be seen pretty much anywhere. Not just on Facebook. Check out some of the ideas below and put them to the test.

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