This Genius Hack for Picking Up Broken Glass Will Have Klutzy Moms Rejoicing


broken glass on the floor

As the resident family klutz, I have broken more glasses and dishes in my lifetime then I care to count. It's never been a hugely big deal, save for the inconvenience of losing a dish and having to clean it up. But when my son learned how to crawl, I became hyper aware of the real damage broken glass could inflict.  

  • Because I am literally never going to change (I've accepted it, everyone else should too), it's a good idea to have a foolproof cleanup method. 

    I know what you're thinking: It's NBD, just vacuum it up. As a seasoned dish-breaker I can tell you that the vacuum (yes, even the good ones) always miss the tiniest shards -- which can be fairly hurtful to a tiny tike.

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  • That's why this nifty little hack on Reddit caught my attention: 

    reddit comment

    It's ridiculously obvious, but shining a light parallel to the floor can totally illuminate all the problem areas. (No pun intended.) 

  • Perhaps this was a general consensus "derp" to everyone, but I found it super helpful!

    Other commentators also divulged another nifty hack: Using a piece of bread to get those fine, nearly invisible shards by pressing it onto the floor helps to pick them right up. 

    I can now go forth and klutz with confidence.