40 Joanna Gaines-Inspired Homes That Have That Modern Farmhouse Feel

40 Joanna Gaines-Inspired Homes That Have That Modern Farmhouse Feel
Image: Instagram

Two images side-by-side show a bedroom and living/kitchen area with a farmhouse aesthetic.

Before HGTV's Fixer Upper introduced us to the interior design wizardry of Joanna Gaines, I'm really not sure where we got our home decor inspiration from. I mean sure, we could still get lost for hours in a Pinterest click hole looking at paint swatches and bathroom renos. But there's just something about that fresh, modern farmhouse aesthetic that Fixer Upper introduced us to that ignited our collective love for all things country. 

Suddenly, we started imagining what a sliding barn door might look like in our kitchen. We started daydreaming about adding a little shiplap to our living room walls. And we could suddenly see the spa-like appeal of having a standing shower with white subway tiles in our master bath. Sigh. Yes, even if we couldn't pick up and move to Waco, Texas, and flip a four-bedroom on a minuscule budget, Joanna Gaines has inspired us all to look for ways to make our own homes a little bit country. And the proof is on Instagram.

Scroll through hashtags like #modernfarmhouse or #farmhousechic, and you'll find thousands of Joanna Gaines-inspired rooms in homes across America. They've got crisp, white walls covered in shiplap. Country kitchens with tables made of reclaimed wood. Living rooms with plush, shabby chic sofas and black industrial-style chandeliers overhead. There are cozy, brick-framed fireplaces with signs like "gather" and "family" sitting over the mantel. Spacious kitchen islands that are perfect for both cooking and entertaining. Big, inviting porches with cushioned rocking chairs that are just begging to be sat in. This list goes on ... and on. Which is why we've rounded up some of our favorite rooms that capture that modern farmhouse style Joanna Gaines so lovingly showed us all. (But fair warning: Scrolling on to the end might cause a sudden and uncontrollable urge to hop in the car and head to Target, to buy up everything in sight.)