20 Fun Tools That Will Make Cleaning a House Much Easier

Mandy Velez | May 17, 2019 Home & Garden
20 Fun Tools That Will Make Cleaning a House Much Easier
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baby mop

Unless there's a mom out there who's some kind of super human (which, if she's out there more power to her,) her house could always use a cleaning. After all, nothing can ever be 100 percent spotless at all times, right? Especially with kids. We can think of 10 dirty places right now. But being a parent is a lot of work and sometimes cleaning just isn't a priority. Or if it is, it takes some much-needed time. There are hacks to clean a house in a hurry and ways to clean in under an hour -- and how to do it -- because the faster it gets done the better. And although technique and hacks can definitely help speed up things, there's only so much someone can tackle. Sometimes, efficiency is in the tools used to do the cleaning in the first place. That's where these fun tools to make cleaning a house easier come in.

The tools used to clean are become more advanced, which makes the act of cleaning more efficient. Take Roombas, for instance. Using that automatic vacuum takes zero effort aside from programming it ahead of time. Although this level of high-technology may not be available for every cleaning task yet (unless it's the Smart House a la Disney Channel,) there are tools available to make it a little easier. 

Grandmas and great-grandmothers (and grandfathers, too) would be shocked to know that sponges can auto-dispense soap and tubs can be scrubbed with tools that won't break knuckles or throw out backs. Not only that, but there are cleaning supplies that didn't exist before now. It's time to put these new items to good use and spend more time doing fun things. If that includes taking care of the kids, hey, at least the cleaning is the painless part. Take a look at the products below and get excited at the many, cleanly possibilities.

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