Surprise! Showerheads Are Full of Nasty Bacteria That Can Make the Whole Family Sick


No matter how much a mom cleans, it feels like her job is never done. If she scrubbing the floors, there's sticky gunk to wipe down on the countertops. If she's tending to a stain on the couch, there's another one being made all over the walls. Eventually, and likely when everyone is asleep, mom manages to finish her cleaning tasks with some moderate success. What she doesn't know is that her job really isn't done, because germs are lurking in some pretty obscure places -- and are actually impacting her family's health.

One of the most surprising and biggest culprits? The showerhead. Inside Edition conducted testing and took 22 swabs from 11 different showerheads and sent off the swabs to Virginia Tech University, where top microbiologist Joseph Falkingham oversaw the swab testing.

"Were you surprised by the results?" asked Inside Edition correspondent Diane McInerney. "Yes I was," he answered. "There are some high numbers that worry me." 

What he found was pretty gross. There were high numbers of fungus living in the showerhead as well as some bacteria that could cause issues with breathing. So what can moms do about it?

Check out the video for some crucial cleaning tips, and prepare to add showerheads to the must-clean list. 

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