20 Simple Gifts for Moms Under $15 (Yes, It's Possible)

Mandy Velez | May 1, 2019 Home & Garden
20 Simple Gifts for Moms Under $15 (Yes, It's Possible)
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Mother's Day is unlike any other holiday. Moms should get love, gifts, and attention year-round, but to have a day carved out makes sure it happens. Plus it's fun, at least for the moms. And the Internet is not without gift ideas: There's gifts for mothers of kids under 5, there's gifts for millennial moms, and gifts for stay-at-home moms. But gifts are expensive, and moms -- more than anyone -- know how little things can add up. She wouldn't want anyone to blow a budget just for her (as nice as that would be). Nice gestures are a start and a great alternative to a gift. But if gifts are still important, there is a way to do so in a cost efficient way. And no, they're not cheap.

There's plenty of thoughtful, useful, and distinctive gifts for under $20, but we decided to take it a step further. We scoured the Internet to find great gifts for moms for under $15. Because there's no shame in being on a budget. And the moms around probably may be on a budget, too. 

So where to start? We found a few things. There's succulents, there's mug-inspo, cool kitchen tools, and balms for smooth skin. And they're good as gifts on their on, no need to spend any more. That's because it's about quality not quality. If the gift is special and meaningful, that's what matters. A glass of wine appears to be like just a glass of wine, but it can pack of punch. See what we're saying? Gifts in this price bracket will work in the same way if they're chosen with purpose. So take a look and see if there's anything that is perfect for the mama who may feel like its just what she's been wanting. 

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  • Sleep Mask


    Beauty sleep is hard to come by, but sleeping masks might help. This floral one from Etsy has a soft band, according to reviewers, and covers the eyes completely. 

    Sleeep Mask ($15, LittleTallPoppy/Etsy)

  • Boxed Candle


    Filling a room with amazing fragrance doesn't have to be expensive. This boxed candle from Opalhouse has an almond, golden honey, and vanilla aroma and burns for 45 hours. 

    Sweet Almond Blossom Candle ($9, Target)

  • Mom Mug


    Got a mug for that coffee? Mama will now. And, it will have her top priority on it: keeping the little ones alive. Coffee should help the mama reach her daily goal.

    Mom Mug ($6, Target)

  • Face Mask


    There's nothing a face mask can't fix. OK, well, not "nothing," but it sure feels good. Give the gift of relaxation and a baby-smooth face with Sephora's silver mask. It assists with dryness and uneven skin tones. 

    Sephora Face Mask ($6, Sephora)

  • 'Tough as a Mother' Tank


    Know a tough mother? Get her a tough tank for running errands or working out -- whenever she wants to wear it because she deserves it. 

    "Tough as a Mother" Tank ($13, Target)

  • Wine Soap


    The only thing better than drinking wine is (possibly) bathing with it. This fun wine soap, though funny, is also considered artisan. According to the product listing, "since wine is rich in vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and amino acids, it is an excellent treatment for your skin!"

    Wine Soap ($10, Amazon)

  • Knitted Donut Socks


    Donuts are good to eat and good to wear. Buy mom knitted donut socks to celebrate her love of sweets and the important task of keeping her feet warm. The best part: When the socks unfold, they roll up into (you guessed it) a donut.

    Donut Socks ($13, The Grommet)

  • Felt Photo Album


    Add a little texture to a photo album. This gray felt one is modern and chic enough to fit into the look of most rooms. Holds two 4-by-6 photos per page or 24 photos total. Print out photos and put them in the album to make the gift more special

    Felt Photo Album ($9, Target)

  • Whipped Soap


    If wine soap isn't mama's jam, this whipped soap should be. It has a creamy texture with a "dessert-inspired" scent. Paraben-free and vegan. 

    Whipped Soap ($10, The Grommet)

  • Essie Nail Polish


    Essie nail polish is a cult classic as is its signature shade Ballet Slippers. It's a pink nude hue that works for any kind of event. It's reportedly Queen Elizabeth's go-to shade. The polish goes on slick and easy to make a quick paint possible for even the a busy mom. 

    Nail Polish ($9, Essie)

  • Potato Chip Maker


    A dinner that's healthy and easy is possible. At least it is with this microwave potato chip maker that, according to its description, makes "crispy potato, veggie, or fruit chips in the microwave in a few minutes, without fat or preservatives."

    Microwave Potato Chip Maker (from $11, Uncommon Goods)

  • 'You Are A B*dass' Button


    Moms are bad*sses, and don't let them forget it. Get her this talking "bad*ss" button based on the New York Times bestseller You Are a Bad*ss, by Jen Sincero.

    "You Are a Bad*ss" Button ($10, Target)

  • Wine Filter


    Wine without the heartache is pretty amazing. And it's possible to do so with a wine wand. It absorbs histamines and sulfites that often cause those wine headaches or red cheeks. 

    Wine Filter ($15, The Grommet)

  • Fruit-Infused Water Bottle


    Step up the water game by getting mom a fruit-infused water bottle. All she has to do is stick the fruit in the middle space and wait for the flavors to seep in. 

    Water Infuser ($11, Amazon)

  • Healing Honey Stick


    Soothe dry skin with a healing honey stick infused with vitamins and minerals that combat dryness and irritation. It also works for cuts and burns. So, basically everything. 

    Honey Balm ($12, The Grommet)

  • Burt's Bees Hand Repair Gift Set


    Speaking of soothing the skin, this Burt's Bees kit comes with everything needed to assuage hands that take care of little ones and a million other tasks. 

    Burt's Bees Hand Repair Gift Set ($12, Amazon)

  • Kale Razor & Herb Stripping Tool


    Help mom make salad creations much faster and without all the hard work with a kale razor and herb stripping tool. It comes with six different-sized holes for different types of herbs. 

    Kale Razor and Herb Stripping Tool ($13, The Grommet)

  • Split-Decision Pie Pan


    Bless the mamas of undecided children (or just a large family.) This split-decision pie pan allows for two kinds of pie to make up one whole pie. We'll say yes to that. 

    Double Pie Pan ($15, Uncommon Goods)

  • Tea Drops


    Who needs a bag when you can have a drop? A tea drop that is. This tea drop sampler box features an array of herbal tea leaves, sugar and spice drops that instantly transform into a hot, relaxing beverage. 

    Tea Drops Sampler Set ($14, Amazon)

  • Succulent Pots


    Sometimes, all it takes is one or two little succulents to brighten up a room or office desk. The owl pots make them that much cuter.  

    Ceramic Owl Succulent Pots ($15 for 6, Amazon)

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