21 Gifts Moms Who Have to Travel With a Baby Will Appreciate

Mandy Velez | Apr 29, 2019 Home & Garden
21 Gifts Moms Who Have to Travel With a Baby Will Appreciate
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A huge misconception of motherhood is that traveling cannot happen until the kids are older, if it all. But this could not be further from the truth. Yes, it may not be the easiest or cheap, but if a mama is set on seeing and exploring the world, she can do it. It's not impossible. That said, even if the itinerary is set and the cost is doable, that doesn't mean kids or babies will be the most cooperative. There's tons of hacks for traveling with kids or even kids in preschool, but babies are their own beast. Not even in a bad way. They're just little balls of love who have their own needs. That doesn't mean they shouldn't get to go on adventures, though. It just means moms need to be prepared -- and those who love her can help her do it. 

Now, we do have tips for moms on how to survive an airport or travel with a baby. Those tips include what to pack (carrier and extra wipes, for example) or what not to pack (too big of pack-and-plays or toys -- though some plane toys like these are necessary). There's also some words of wisdom like "keep busy," get in line early, and stock up on Benadryl. Not to mention a ton of resources from other parents who travel with little ones. Those are all helpful, but what are the items that will help make the travel smoother with a baby? That's where our list comes in. Lots of people gift moms the things they need at home, but it's rare they take into account traveling with baby. And why not? A baby isn't an anchor. They're 100% moveable beings. 

With these items, it won't even phase them when Rude McRuderson makes a face heaven-forbid baby cries. As long as mom and babe are both comfortable and get to their destination safely, that's all that matters. Perhaps, she'll be so prepared, her baby may not even cry at all. (Hey! one can dream.)

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  • Personalized Travel Album 


    Take all of the photos and save all those early trip tickets. This travel scrapbook makes for a perfect way to store memories from the trips that baby takes for when they grow up. And someday, they can start adding to it on their own.

    Baby Travel Album ($55, woodlack/Etsy)

  • Pacifier Clips


    Traveling with a baby means lots of opportunities to lose a pacifier and no chance of being able to get them back. Minimize the chances of that happening with a paci clip. Mom can clip it to a belt loop or the baby bag and know it can't go far.

    Pacifier Clip ($9, Ike and Leo)

  • Portable High Chair


    Trying to feed a squirming baby is hard, that's why high chairs were created in the first place. Allow mom to avoid having to do the lap-at-the-restaurant/food court move and give her a portable high chair. 

    Portable Hair Chair ($60, Target)

  • Hip Seat Baby Carrier


    Sometimes, a baby just does not want to be in a stroller or in a carrier. But it isn't easy to tote them around when traveling. This hip carrier allows moms and babies to be a bit more mobile and comfortable. 

    Tush Baby Hip Carrier ($79, Amazon)

  • Portable Sleeper


    It's advised that traveling parents try to get an open seat next to theirs on a plane to have more room for baby. If that's possible, or even in hotels, this portable sleeper will make naps much easier for mom and much more comfortable for baby. 

    Infant Sleeper ($60, Target)

  • Noise-Cancelling Headphones


    When traveling, it's hard to control the noises around baby. These noiseless headphones will increase her chances of having a baby that sleeps on a flight or while on-the-go. 

    Headphones ($19, Amazon)

  • Airplane Sleeper


    No extra seat? No problem. This infant comfort sleeper hooks to the seat back in front of mom and cradles baby to give her arms a bit of a break. It also converts to a seat restraint. 

    Seat Cradle ($40, Amazon)

  • Baby's First Passport Holder


    Babies need passports for international travel. Commemorate the milestone by gifting mom a personalized passport holder. 

    Baby Passport Holder ($29, PreciousGiftCom/Etsy)

  • Travel Tray


    If baby is a old enough to play, keep things all in one place with a travel tray. It can fit toys, a tablet, or food for a fun plane, bus, or train trip. 

    Travel Tray ($22, Amazon)

  • Baby Sleep Lounger


    Don't worry about lugging around a bulky baby seat, especially during long trips. Cut out that hassle and just have mom pop up this sleep lounger for the little one, instead. 

    Baby Sleeper ($99, Amazon)

  • Boppy Carrier


    Speaking of eliminating the need for mom to lug around bulky things, this Boppy baby carrier is perfect for moving around with baby in a comfortable way. It's completely hands-free and makes traveling much more comfortable. 

    Boppy Carrier ($70, Target)

  • Swim Shoes


    Can't forget the fun in the sun! These tiny baby water shoes will protect their little feet from the elements should they want to stand up on sand or in water. 

    Swim Shoes (from $8, Amazon)

  • Car Seat Travel Strap


    Moms on-the-go and/or in a hurry need this travel car seat strap. It converts a car seat into an attachable part of the suitcase for easy transport. It's for older kids, but it helps for traveling with a baby when mom has her hands a bit less full. 

    Travel Car Seat Strap ($12, Amazon) 

  • Play Cube


    Sometimes keeping a baby distracted is one of the best gifts a mom can have. This "Oombee Cube" will do the trick with it's different shapes that go into different spaces (and string that attaches them to the cube so no worries about lost pieces.)

    Play Cube ($17, Google Express)

  • Stackable Snack & Formula Containers


    Easily store snacks or formula in a stackable dispenser container. It fits in a diaper bag and puts everything all in one place. 

    Snack Containers ($9, Amazon)

  • Eco-Friendly Baby Food Storage Trays


    Baby food boxes or jars can take up a lot of space. Instead, store it in these storage trays. They're freezer-safe as well and are eco-friendly. 

    Storage Containers ($12, Amazon)

  • Play Dome


    This play dome can be put just about anywhere. It's clean, safe, and has a top cover to protect baby from the sun if it's set up outside. It's also smaller and easier to tote around than a transportable pack-and-play.

    Baby Play Dome ($55, Walmart)

  • Portable Play Gate


    If there is room for a play area, try this eight-panel portable play yard. It's great to let baby crawl around without worrying about where they'll go or what they'll get into in a minute's time. 

    Play Area ($80, Overstock)

  • Bottle Bag


    Keep bottles warm (or cold) with this travel bottle bag. It fits two bottles and features a handle for grab-and-go convenience. It can attach to a bottle bag on a stroller. 

    Bottle Carrier Bag ($16, Macy's)

  • Wipe Case


    Other things that should be easy to carry and easily accessible? Wipes. Have them handy with a wipe case that comes with a wristlet strap for easy storage and travel. 

    Wipe Case ($10, Macy's) 

  • Portable Changing Pad


    With travel comes public bathrooms. They're hard enough for most adults to have to deal with, let alone trying to change a baby in the most sanitary way possible. This travel baby changing pad can help keep things clean and quick while away from home. 

    Changing Pad ($11, Amazon)

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