20 Things Homeowners Have To Do Every Spring (But Forget)

Mandy Velez | Apr 23, 2019 Home & Garden
20 Things Homeowners Have To Do Every Spring (But Forget)
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It's that time of year: spring cleaning! There's plenty of cleaning hacks to go around, but what people often forget is that cleaning isn't just about the inside of a house. The outside and logistical matters of the house matter, too. Luckily, spring is the perfect time to evaluate what needs to be done to maintain the house. Like all big purchases in life, a house needs upkeep, otherwise, it'll lose value if things aren't repaired and maintained. Not to mention the fact that one broken thing can hit pocketbooks hard. So, homeowners, stay one step ahead and spring "clean" or check on the items listed. 

But first, one may wonder how to even start. This is especially true for new homeowners. There isn't much of a return on renting, but at least there's someone else else to do the maintenance work. The same can't be said for houses. There's a lot of things a house needs and lots of work it may entail for upkeep. Don't fret. The important thing is to just take things one step at a time. 

Prioritize what needs to be addressed first, whether that means cleaning the gutters or tackling a more urgent need, like a leaky roof. Maybe it just means doing a clean sweep of the inside then work toward addressing the outside. That's fine, too! But if a homeowner is looking for a definitive list of things they probably are going to forget about otherwise, this is it. And let's be honest, lots of people forget that these things even exist. As long as the house isn't completely ignored, that's what matters. Take this list in, digest it, then get to work. The deck, chimney, windowsills, and roof await! 

  • Clean Gutters


    Like arteries in the body supplied with too many unhealthy things, letting a gutter go uncleaned for too long means lots of unnecessary buildup (like leaves and such). Use spring as an opportunity to clean it out. There are tools to do it oneself or hired services available to get the job done.

  • Check the Air Conditioning


    Few things are as inconvenient and uncomfortable as the first incredibly hot summer day, only to discover the air conditioning unit has gone kaput. Spring is the time to check if something needs repairs, so there's time before the heat hits. 

  • Inspect the Exterior


    Sometimes a simple visual inventory of the exterior of a home is all it takes to spot any potential issues. Whether it's overgrown bushes or a beehive somewhere, assessing the outside is always a good idea. 

  • Make Sure Fire Extinguishers Work


    Don't underestimate the power of a home fire extinguisher. Accidents happen -- make sure there's an extinguisher up-to-date and nearby. 

  • Check Carbon Monoxide & Smoke Detectors


    The same goes for checking the carbon monoxide and/or smoke detector devices in the house. These tend to a last long time, but it's always good to make sure they have fresh batteries and are working correctly.

  • Freshen up the Garden


    Freshening up the garden isn't necessary, but when life gets busy, it is a home task that many put on the back-burner. Use the new season as an opportunity to plant the garden that has been on the to-do list forever. 

  • Check for Leaks


    Prevent losing any more money or accumulating damage from leaks by doing spot checks of sinks, water filters, and pipes. Ignoring a leak won't make it go away. 

  • Deep Clean Carpets


    Carpets take huge hits throughout the year from the simple goings and comings of the family. Add snow, rain, or other elements from the previous seasons and it gets worse. Deep clean carpets to preserve them longer. Bonus: Carpet can harbor dust or pollen, which can be problematic for allergy sufferers.

  • Clean All Windowsills


    Windowsills are more visible than one would think, but they're often forgotten. Take damp cloth and wipe them all down.

  • Dust Curtains & Blinds


    Curtains, believe it or not, can collect dust and debris, even though many people think they're indestructible. Don't be one of those people. Remember to dust or wash the curtains and blinds.  

  • Break Out the Pressure Washer


    Pressure washers are the most satisfying and useful tools available in the modern world. Use one to power wash siding, the deck, or the walkways near the house for a dirt-free start to spring.

  • Clear Weeds From Walkways


    Those weeds have been there so long, they just looked like they were supposed to be there. This is a reminder that they're not supposed to be there. Clear the path. 

  • Monitor for a Paint or Siding Refresh


    The elements are tough on exteriors -- rain, snow, wind, and sun take their toll. Do a sweep of the home and fences to see if a new coat of paint is needed. 

  • Make Sure There's Nothing in the Chimney


    The chimney is one of those places that people often put out of mind, because it's out of sight. But good weather means it's easier/more comfortable for someone to finally come and clean it. Santa will be much appreciative come December. 

  • Make Sure the Deck Is Solid


    Rot will come for a deck faster than one can say Memorial Day barbecue. Make sure it's in the best shape, whether it needs a new coat of sealant or new supports. 

  • Do a Basement Walk-Through


    If the basement is finished, great. If it's not, don't be afraid to head down there to make sure things are still in order. If it's unfinished, and no one is down there much, flooding from past storms may have caused damage. Or maybe the heater leaked. Checking will help jump-start cleanup or repairs. 

  • Do an Attic Check


    Head up to the attic to make sure no termites found their way into the wooden beams. Or furry or buggy creatures. If so, spring is the best time to evict them. 

  • Replace Worn Hardware


    Sometimes, a piece of household hardware is too rusty, or too old, to be of any use. Take note so that when the funds are available, a repair can take place. It may save the home from pipes bursting or electric wiring short-circuiting. 

  • Make Sure the Hose Works


    This task of checking the house or garden hose seems small or insignificant, but it can make a big impact. A homeowner looking to fill a bucket to wash a car, water plants, or clean off the front porch will appreciate a working hose. No one wants to have to put those things on hold for a run to the home improvement store.

  • Do a General Deep Clean


    Maybe a big deep clean isn't something homeowners forget, so consider this one encouragement instead. Things will feel so much better afterward. Trust us. 

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