Owners Turned Dog's 'Cone of Shame' Into Clever Costumes

cute dog
Inside Edition

Kaitlyn Cotter and Hilary Turk's dog Gus was neutered around Halloween, and even though we're sure Gus wasn't thrilled about it, his owners made the best of a bad situation by dressing him up in wildly elaborate costumes. Gus' cone proved to be the ultimate accessory and inspired a swath of cute costumes that have delighted the Internet at large. 

Gus has been everything from french fries to a flying astronaut. Hilary, who is proclaimed by her roommate to be the "Halloween queen," helped make and ideate a ton of his costumes. Although it started out with a simple tag as a TY Beanie Baby, it quickly escalated, and Gus's fans took the Internet by storm.

The costumes extended far beyond Halloween, and truly, if you need a pick-me-up, these are worth the watch. 

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