The 'Bob Ross Challenge' Is the Purest, Best Thing Happening on the Internet Right Now

bob ross
Netflix/Inside Edition

In the early days of my newborn's life, to say I was "stressed out" is a massive understatement. My sweet little guy wasn't always so saccharine, and he spent a lot of time in those early days constantly fussing. By the time I got him down, my brain needed to decompress. I was in no place for snuggling up with a good book, and I couldn't handle anything with a thought-provoking plot to watch. So when I flipped through Netflix and saw Bob Ross' The Joy of Painting was listed, I instantly put it on. For hours, I listened to Bob's soothing, positive voice detail his every move with a paintbrush and sunk into a happy, lulled stupor. 

Bob Ross was (and really, still is) known for his calming demeanor and gorgeous artwork. But by the end of the segment, Bob's paintings were so beautiful, it was kind of hard to imagine just "anyone" could do it like he did. That's why comedian Micah Sherman, along with Mark Stetson, started the "Bob Ross Challenge" in which ordinary folks film themselves painting along in real time with one of Bob's tutorials. Although they suspected people would fail miserably, they were pleasantly surprised. 

"The cool thing about it is people really succeed," explains Sherman. "Bob Ross is a really good painting instructor." 

Sadly, Bob died in 1995 from lymphoma, so in his memory, the challenge seeks to raise money for cancer awareness and research. Anyone can participate by buying supplies from and uploading a video of themselves painting along with #BOBROSSISABOSS as a tag. 

Check out some attempts here, and make some happy trees of your own:

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