20 Things Every Outdoor-Obsessed Mom Needs for Her Patio

Mandy Velez | Apr 22, 2019 Home & Garden
20 Things Every Outdoor-Obsessed Mom Needs for Her Patio
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sit stay

Patio season is here! As the weather warms up for spring, and the days become longer, there's more opportunities to move the party to the patio. Patios allow people to enjoy the "outdoors" from the comfort of their own home. Plants can go there, too! Which is all the more reason to decorate the outdoor area as awesomely as the indoor areas. But outdoor decor is a different ballgame. What works on the inside may not work on the outside, but that's where we come in. 

Whether the space will host a party, a game night with friends, or a stressed-out mom just wanting to read a book, these items will definitely elevate any patio or deck space. If a person is lucky enough to have one, it shouldn't be ignored. There's plenty of opportunity to make it just a sacred space as the inside of the house. And it's important to do so. There's lots of good reasons for kids to play outside, so why not join them? Sort of. Think of it like self-care. 

OK, but how does one rejuvenate this space? Start small, or by piece. We looked at every part -- from the flooring to the tables -- to figure out which type of decor would work best. The result? Snack stands, textured pillows, and even lounge pillows for the kids. Whether the look is sophisticated or fun, we try to cover the bases. Target definitely has it all, but turns out, the Internet is an incredible place to search for this type of decor. And just as fun to look for this stuff. Take a walk down our virtual "home and garden" aisle. Here's what we found. 

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  • Fringed Rug


    A rug can bring an entire room together, and an outdoor patio is no different. Make the space feel cozy and chic with a fringed rug to go under the table or in the center of the outdoor space. Just choose the size that works best.

    Global Stripe Outdoor Rug ($70, Target)

  • Table Fire Pit


    No big fire pit? No problem. This compact round fire pit can go anywhere, from the top of a table to a corner of the patio space. Great for entertaining after dark or when there's a cool breeze. Maybe for a s'more or four.

    10" Round Table Fire Pit ($70, Target)

  • 'Hey Y'all' Welcome Mat


    Make sure guests feel welcome as soon as they arrive. This "Hey Y'all" entry mat should do the trick. Place it by the patio door and get the party started right.

    "Hey Y'all" Welcome Mat ($15, Bed, Bath & Beyond)

  • 'Sit' and 'Stay' Cushions


    Speaking of sending messages on the patio, extend the welcome wagon even more with these "sit" and "stay" pillows. The black and cream color scheme will go with most types of outdoor furniture. 

    Cream Sit & Stay Pillows ($17, Phurbaby/Etsy)

  • Inflatable Bar


    It's not a party without something to drink. Forget the sad corner cooler. Bring the drinks out into the open but still keep them cool with an inflatable bar buffet float. 

    Inflatable Bar/Buffet ($7, Bed, Bath & Beyond)

  • Cast-Iron Bottle Opener


    This cast-iron bottle opener is not only functional but decor-worthy. It can be hammered into any compatible wall so anyone on the patio can open a bottle at an arms' reach. 

    Cast-Iron Bottle Opener ($7, DiamondintheRust/Etsy)

  • Dinnerware


    Upgrade from paper plates with this stunning turquoise dinnerware set. Pick and choose the items to make the set complete. The unbreakable plastic is kid-friendly and dishwasher-safe.

    Dinnerware Collection (from $5, Bed, Bath & Beyond)

  • String Lights


    Don't forget lighting! The right lights (or having lights at all!) can make or break the mood. Or even allow a patio hang to even happen. It's dark outside after all, so lighting is essential. Get the job done with this 50-foot string. 

    50-Foot Patio String Lights ($35, Amazon)

  • Bamboo Food Tent


    Food is king on patios. Picnics, anyone? Keep the fruit, cookies or burgers away from bugs (or sticky fingers) with this bamboo food tent. It looks cute while keeping the grub safe. Sounds good to us!

    Food Basket With Cover ($6, Bed, Bath & Beyond)

  • Hammock Chair


    Take a load off -- outside. There's just something serene about relaxing in the great outdoors but with the comfort of the indoors. This hanging chair comes with two seat cushions and also can extend to allow the seater to lay down. 

    Hanging Chair ($47, Amazon)

  • Chip &  Dip Serving Table


    Become the coolest person to throw an outdoor party. This snack stand can hold a big bowl of chips as well as four different dips. Think of it like a snack butler that just stands there waiting to serve up tasty bites.

    Chip and Dip Serving Side Table ($50, Bed, Bath & Beyond)

  • Table Lamp Bluetooth Speaker


    Is it a lamp or a Bluetooth speaker? Surprise! It's both. This "lamp" can also play music without hooking up to anything. The flame is an LED light and adds that outside feel every patio needs. 

    LED Flame Table Lamp Bluetooth Speaker ($40, Amazon)

  • Wine Bottle Bird Feeder


    All the birds will flock to this wine bottle feeder. It comes it in a cobalt blue color and gives a rustic feel to the patio while also feeding the birds. The "T-cork" makes refilling with birdseed easy.

    Wine Bottle Bird Feeder ($25, BottlesUncorked/Etsy) 

  • Lattice Hammock


    One can never have enough seating, or places to lounge. Even if the mom already has patio furniture out there, the hammock is an outdoor classic for ultimate relaxation. 

    Lattice Pattern Rope Hammock (from $30, Bed, Bath & Beyond)

  • Lounge Pillow Cover


    Kids can have fun on the patio, too! Grab those old furniture cushions, then buy these fun, printed pillow covers for them to hang out outside on. It's like camping, but from the comfort of a deck. 

    Floor Lounger Seat Covers ($26, Amazon)

  • Music speaker With LED Lights


    If table speakers don't cut it, or if a less conspicuous look is needed, an umbrella light with Bluetooth speaker built in could be the way to go. The lights will illuminate the table from above while also proving audio. 

    Umbrella Speaker Light ($40, Bed, Bath & Beyond)

  • Table Picnic Caddy


    Throwing napkins on the table is fine, but having a table picnic caddy is just classy. Use it to store napkins, cutlery, and plates in a compact and neat way. It also makes it easy to store all the patio dining items in one place.

    Picnic Caddy ($40, Amazon)

  • Outdoor Home Projector & Screen


    Watch movies under the stars. Instead of dragging the TV outside, purchase an outdoor screen and projector set, which is Wi-Fi adaptable. The screen size is 96". Popcorn and snacks sold separately. 

    Outdoor Home Theater Projector and Screen ($400, Bed, Bath & Beyond)

  • Patio Sign


    DIY-style signs make a space look home-y. This one is no different. Choose the style and color that matches the look of the patio best. But at the end of the day, or party, the saying still rings true: Patios are made for "sippin', grillin' and chillin." It even has a built-in bottle opener.

    Patio Sign ($30, BareWoodNecessities/Etsy)

  • Texturized Cushion

    outdoor pillow

    Don't forget the cushions! Give the furniture out there a splash of color with a textured pillow. This one comes in red and white. Maybe add another blue one for the Fourth of July?

    Textured Baubles Pillow ($20, Bed, Bath & Beyond)

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