35 Home Decor Items To Bring Spring Inside

Cost Plus World Market/Target/Amazon

Cost Plus World Market/Target/Amazon

Flowers. Bees and birds in the air. Pastel colors everywhere. Impromptu get-togethers sipping tea (or a good chardonnay). All the signs point to spring and the long, mild days that will be with us until summer. It’s time to dust off the patio furniture, set out the bird feeders, and put a few party dates on the calendar to get those fellow spring-loving friends gathered in the grassy backyard. Ah, springtime!

But it’s also, “Ugh. Springtime.” Tons of pollen in the air, bees terrifying the living daylights out of us, and weather that might not be so great for sipping anything outside. It might be time to plan some spring soirees, but maybe bring all that partying inside the house where no one has to touch a blade of grass (so dang itchy) or get bombed by birds relieving themselves overhead. (It’s bound to happen.) That glass of chardonnay will taste just as good in the kitchen.

Sure, this all sounds kind of curmudgeonly, but it also might be a great excuse to bring spring inside the house for a change. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to wake up to a gorgeous flower arrangement in the living room that doesn’t bring on a sneezing fit? How about walking into the kitchen and being greeted by a beautiful pastel appliance that hums like a bee but never stings? Check out these 35 lovely ways to bring spring inside and keep it there all year long. (PS: We’re not saying to never go outside -- after all, someone has to refill those bird feeders.)

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  • Hello Spring Small Rustic Wooden Sign

    Say hello to spring -- literally -- with this gorgeous hand crafted sign on distressed pine board that's practically waving its hand to greet everyone. Whether it's hung on a wall or propped up on a shelf, it’s a nice way to formally welcome the season. 

    Hello Spring Small Rustic Wooden Sign ($10, Amazon)

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  • Wool Felt Succulents and Flowers

    These handmadewool felt succulent flowers would work well for any DIY project -- wreaths, flower crowns, clothing embellishments -- or simply just sitting on a table looking beautiful. 

    Wool Felt Succulents and Flowers ($32, Amazon)

  • Fabric Carrot Garland

    Bring a spring garden inside with this adorable carrot garland. Each carrot is unique, and every set comes with a thick robe and a cotton bag for storing. Best of all, the carrots are washable, just like the real thing. 

    Fabric Carrot Garland ($36, Amazon)

  • Mini Easter Ornaments and Tree Collection

    There is probably no practical reason to have an Easter tree, except to bring smiles and happiness to anyone who sees  it. So it’s perfectly acceptable to buy at least one or two of these whimsical sets to bring lots of spring happiness inside.

Mini Easter Ornaments and Tree Collection, sold separately ($13 -- $20, Cost Plus World Market)

  • Baker's Floursack Kitchen Towels

    Chickens lay eggs, and eggs are for Easter, so therefore these are spring towels. Not that anyone needs an excuse to buy new kitchen towels. Especially these, which are generously sized and made from 100% cotton. They work well for drying dishes, wiping up spills, or just hanging around to make the kitchen look chic. 

    Baker's Floursack Kitchen Towels ($14, Amazon)

  • KitchenAid Ultra Power Stand Mixer

    Whipping up springtime treats would be so much easier (and fun) with a brand-new mixer. And because KitchenAid mixers come in so many appealing pastels, it’s the perfect time for an appliance upgrade. This one has 10 speeds and a 4.5-quart capacity to handle every baking task. 

    KitchenAid Ultra Power Stand Mixer ($270, Amazon)

  • Petite Glass Bud Vases 

    Bring some spring flowers inside and put them in these lovely small vases. They come in these gorgeous jewel tones, and are a set of five for plenty of beautiful blooms. They look pretty just sitting there empty, too.

    Set of 5 Petite Glass Bud Vases ($15, Amazon)

  • Milk Glass Cake Stand

    All of those yummy spring time baked treats are going to need somewhere to sit, and this milk glass cake stand is the perfect place. Its vintage look will bring back memories of the desserts mom used to make. (But not the Jell-o molds -- let’s try to forget those.)

    Hearth & Hand Milk Glass Cake Stand by Magnolia ($17, Target)

  • Mason Jar Wall Sconces

    Mason jars aren’t just for barn weddings. These rustic hanging sconces come complete with flowers and twinkling fairy lights to make any home feel like a magical nuptial event, without the awkward best man's speech.

    Mason Jar Wall Sconces With LED Fairy Lights and Flowers ($20, Amazon)

  • Deviled Egg Serving Platter

    Deviled eggs are the essential food for any spring party (or any party, for that matter) and this elegant piece is the platter they deserve. It holds two dozen eggs, enough for everyone (or maybe just enough for that one person who really loves deviled eggs.)

    Deviled Egg Serving Platter ($49, Amazon)

  • 'Hello' Mat

    Say ‘hello’ to guests -- and to spring -- with this cheery mat made out of natural coconut fiber. Put it in the entryway, the exit way or even in front of the refrigerator to greet everyone as they’re reaching for the milk.

Indoor/Outdoor Natural Coconut Fiber Mat ($23, Amazon)

  • Mini Egg Planter with Faux Succulent

    This mini planter shaped like an egg is hard to resist. Plus, it comes with a faux succulent already planted inside so it’ll still be green long after springtime is gone. And at only a few dollars each, a dozen eggs won’t break the bank.

    Mini Egg Planter with Faux Succulent ($3, Target)

  • Bicycle Pillow Cover

    Sit back and relax on this whimsical lumbar pillow cover that features a vintage bicycle and cheerful spring flowers. It’s made out of faux burlap, which means that it looks like burlap but is much softer. It's got all of the charm without that scratchy, itchy feeling.

    Bicycle With Flowers Lumbar Pillow Cover ($20, Amazon)

  • Bunny Melamine Plate

    This is for kids, but there are probably plenty of adults who’d be glad to have their kale salads served up on this cute bunny plate. It comes in all the spring pastels -- pink, aqua, green, or yellow -- and can be customized with a name. So sweet.

    Bunny Melamine Plate ($24, Amazon)

  • Pastel Bath Towels

    Spring is the perfect time for out with the old, in with the new. Out with the old, frayed, dingy towels, that is. Spring cleaning will be complete once the bathroom is brightened with some fresh, plush, new towels. 

    Nate Berkus Bath Towels ($10, Target)

  • Eucalyptus Wreath

    There’s no better way to get some spring rejuvenation than by making a house spell like a fancy spa. The smell of eucalyptus is immediately relaxing, and this beautiful wreath will infuse the air with its soothing fragrance. Grab a robe and some cucumber water and relax for awhile.

    Year Round Boxwood and Eucalyptus Wreath ($88, Amazon)

  • Turquoise Table

    This luscious turquoise table screams spring, but it would be a unique piece for any home year round. Hand made from naturally weathered, reclaimed wood, it’s the perfect accent table or side board.


Turquoise 46-Inch Console ($169, Amazon)

  • Floral Table Runner

    Sometimes a tablecloth is too much, and this floral table runner is the perfect solution for casual dining. It’s the right amount of springtime bloom to brighten up a brunch -- just add a vase of flowers to set a beautiful table.

    Floral Table Runner ($18, Target)

  • Table Lamp With Rose Shade

    Bring the beauty of a spring garden inside with the this stunning lamp that will be the center of attention whether it’s turned on or off. It's just as beautiful as a real bouquet of roses, and will last longer. 

    Table Lamp With Rose Shade ($46, Amazon)

  • Spring Animal Egg Cups

    These sweet little egg cups are going to be too popular to only bring out once a year. Who wouldn’t want their egg nestled in the cutest-ever bunny, chick, or pig? Guaranteed to make everyone love soft-boiled eggs even more.

    Spring Animal Egg Cups, Set of 4 ($8, Cost Plus World Market)

  • Rustic Hanging Planter

    Even without a bouquet of flowers inside, this rustic hanging planter is a gorgeous burst of color anywhere in the house. Fill it with dried flowers, some eucalyptus, or just organize an odd collection of shoehorns. No judgement here.

    Rustic Hanging Planter ($15, Amazon)

  • ‘Spring is Here’ Wall Art

    This cute little hanging plaque is made of wood and can hang anywhere to be a gentle reminder that in fact, spring is here. It has a magnet backing so it can go on the refrigerator, too. 

    Square ‘Spring is Here’ Wall Art ($14, Amazon)

  • Le Creuset Sorbet Mini Ramekins

    Everyone’s favorite cookware company also makes serving ware and dishes! These adorable mini ramekins would be a perfect addition to any spring table, and the best part is they can go from oven to table to dishwasher. So cute and convenient!

Le Creuset Sorbet Mini Ramekins, set of 6 ($30, Bed, Bath & Beyond)

  • Flower Bowls

    These exquisite, handmade glass bowls are all that’s needed to usher spring inside. The artist silkscreens flower images onto glass disks and then molds the glass into these works of art. They can hold fruit, bread, or salads, but it would be a shame to cover up these vibrant blooms.

    Wavy Flower Bowls ($55 each, UncommonGoods)

  • Mason Jar Utensil Holder Set

    Give any kitchen a spring makeover with these gorgeous mason jar utensil holders. They come in a set of three, which means a few can be used for spoons and spatulas and there’s one left over to use as a vase. The jars are hand painted and accented with twine. Just right for kitchens that have been KonMari’d and need to be kept organized! 

Mason Jar Utensil Holder Set ($35, Amazon)

  • Easter Egg Wreath

    Trying to decide between decorating with eggs or a wreath? Problem solved! This festive wreath made with pastel eggs and twigs will brighten up any wall, door or entryway, or lay it on the table to surround a group of candles. 

    Easter Egg Wreath ($15, Target)

  • Wooden Nesting Eggs

    This clever take on nesting dolls would make a festive spring decoration. They’re made out of wood and feature whimsical designs such as polka dots, stripes, and diamonds, and the smallest egg is a baby chick. How cute is that?

Wooden Nesting Eggs ($15, Target)

  • Baby Animals Kitchen Towels

    Is there anything more spring than baby animals? These kitchen towels will be a reminder of the season with every hand wipe and spill cleanup. And it comes three to a set, so there’ll always be a clean towel to reach for.

Baby Animals Pastel Kitchen Towels, set of 3 ($24, Cost Plus World Market)

  • Pink Electric Kettle

    It’s not essential to have a gorgeous, pink electrical kettle, but it might make mornings that much more bearable to have tea made with this magnificent creature. This would look amazing just sitting on the counter, so it’s a bonus that it actually boils water.

    Smeg Variable Electric Kettle ($200, Amazon)

  • Colored Flameless Candles

    Flameless candles are the best because of their longevity and safety. These color-changing beauties are ready to cast a springtime glow over any room or gathering. They’re remote controlled, so no one has to get out of their chair to turn them off or pick a different hue. 

    Colored Flameless Candles with Timer and Remote Control, set of 10 ($20, Amazon)

  • Natural Woven Ambient Floor Lamp

    Let the light inside this spring with this chic, modern floor lamp that will brighten up any living space all year. It has a solid iron base and woven shade that is the perfect combo of nature and industrial style. Shine on, cool, stylish lamp.

    Natural Woven Ambient Floor Lamp ($86, Target)

  • Bunny Mugs

    Get ready for cute overload. Morning coffee is going to taste even better out of these irresistible mugs that have a little bunny climbing over the edge. It comes in a few pastel colors to complement any spring table. Pair with a doughnut for maximum sweetness.

    Stoneware Bunny Figural Mug ($5, Target)

  • Easter Egg Topiary

    Topiaries are so trendy right now, and this one made out of eggs is on point. Put one in the middle of the Easter dinner table for a great conversation piece, or put it in the entryway to let guests know that the host has mad decorating skills.

    Easter Egg Topiary Arrangement ($20, Target)

  • Spring Floral Placemat

    This floral placemat looks like a watercolor painting and is almost gorgeous enough to frame, but it would probably be put to better use protecting the table from spills and burns. It's made of 100% cotton and machine washable for stress-free cleanup.

    Spring Placed Floral Placemat ($5, Target)

  • Floral Shower Curtain

    Put a pop of color in the most overlooked room of the house -- the bathroom. It deserves a spring makeover too, and this floral shower curtain will make morning showers even more refreshing. 

    Floral Shower Curtain -- Opalhouse ($20, Target)