21 Mother's Day Gifts Under $20

Mandy Velez | Apr 15, 2019 Home & Garden
21 Mother's Day Gifts Under $20
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wine socks

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Gift-giving can add up. It just seems like $20 here and $30 there, but then, without realizing it, the budget is blown. Moms understand this. For one thing, the cost of daycare is now officially less affordable than college (what?!). And let's not get started on the cost of caring for babies. But the good news is that it's becoming trendy to become financially savvy and confident about money. Having a family financial safety net is important for everyone. So blowing the month's grocery budget on an extravagant gift won't make anyone feel happy.   

Now, this doesn't mean one should completely stop buying things, especially gifts. Giving someone something special can make that person feel loved. Mother's Day is an especially important time to make the moms out there feel appreciated. But to stay financially responsible, gift-giving takes some planning to stick to the budget. But it can be done! And we're here to prove it. 

To make this process easier, we rounded up some of the best, most thoughtful potential gifts for mothers out there -- all under $20. There's a lot to choose from, depending on the mom -- from home decor to cook books and more. Sons and daughters can thank us later when a mama out there is very, very happy, and no budgets were blown in the process. 

  • Eyeglasses Case


    Help mom keep her glasses, sunglasses, or readers safe. This glasses pouch comes in different designs and makes a pretty and practical gift. 

    Glasses Case ($10, HollyJaneOriginals/Etsy)

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  • Cute Coasters


    Just because something is less expensive doesn't make it any less classy. This rose quartz coaster is the definition of that. 

    Coaster ($19, Nordstrom)

  • Luggage Tag


    Small gifts can go a long way -- literally. A luggage tag like this one will add a personal touch to any bag and make it easy to spot on the airport carousel. Plus, it also will help any lost luggage find its way home. 

    Luggage Tag ($15, pokeycan/Etsy)

  • 'What I Love About Mom' Book


    Go the sentimental route. Get a book to make sure she knows how much she is loved, and all the reasons why. The pages come with spaces to write in answers specific to the mom getting the book. 

    What I Love About Mom book ($10, Uncommon Goods)

  • Striped Lunch Bag


    Send her packing (lunch) with a stylish lunch bag. This striped one is BPA-free and spacious enough to fit a water or protein shake bottle inside. 

    Lunch Bag ($13, Amazon)

  • Jay McClellan Mug


    Calling all dog lovers. This Jay McClellan-designed mug will bring a smile to the face of any pupper enthusiast. The bright colors are perfect for spring, too. 

    Mug ($14, Nordstrom)

  • Starry Night Pouch


    Brings the stars down to Earth. A tiny dark blue pouch is an excellent way to store makeup or other toiletries. 

    Small Pouch ($19, Uncommon Goods)

  • Purse Organizer


    No more rummaging around a huge purse. Gift mom some something to help keep her busy life organized. Purse organizers sit right in the purse of choice and make it easy to find the phone, wallet, or keys.

    Purse Organizer ($19, COSYHandmade/Etsy)

  • Glass Dish


    Store soap, or jewelry, in this beautiful glass-fused dish. It looks high-end and it's highly functional. Win-win.  

    Ring Dish ($12, Dock6PotteryandTile/Etsy)

  • Lettering Kit


    Everyone loves a fun hobby, whether as a side gig or a way to destress. Enter these calligraphy pens. They make a great gift for any mom looking to practice their decorative lettering. 

    Handlettering Kit ($19, Target)

  • Family 'Bucket List' Kit


    Fun is always a good day. This family bucket list kit comes with popsicle sticks with different activities to do printed on them -- from stargazing to volunteering.

    Bucket List Kit ($18, Uncommon Goods)

  • Mom T-Shirt


    There's no greater title than "mom." (Other than dad, maybe). Help a mom wear that title loud and proud with a cute cotton tee. 

    T-shirt ($19, CambridgeAvenue/Etsy)

  • 'Healthyish' Cookbook


    "Satisfying but healthy" recipes is what the Healthyish cookbook specializes in. Plus, it's mom-friendly, with ingredients easily available at most grocery stores. 

    Healthyish ($20, Target)

  • Bath Bombs


    Fill the top, drop in a bath bomb, and just relax. The gift box presentation comes with six colorful bombs that moisturize dry skin. 

    Bath Bombs ($11, Amazon)

  • Wine Socks


    Make a wine lover's day. These socks tell it like it is, and that is asking for more wine. Can't argue with that. 

    Wine Socks ($11, Amazon)

  • Monogrammed Wristlet


    This monogrammed wristlet can keep a purse organized, but with a personal touch. It can serve as a going-out clutch for the essentials for Moms Night Out: I.D., money, lipstick. Comes in beige, brown, or black. 

    Clutch ($17, EverlyGrayce/Etsy)

  • Lighted Vanity Mirror


    Make mom feel like the movie star she is. This lighted mirror not only has a magnification option, but also has touch sensors to control brightness. 

    Light-Up Mirror ($19, Amazon)

  • Garden Tool Set


    Starting a garden has never been easier. This five-piece garden tool set has all the tools mom would need to plant a new pot of greenery. 

    Garden Tool Set ($19, Amazon)

  • Tablet Stand


    Sometimes the simplest gifts make the best gifts. At least the most useful ones, like this iPad or tablet stand. Mom can use it to place a tablet while following a recipe, or to catch up on a show or join a video meeting without having to hold it up. 

    Tablet Stand ($13, Amazon)

  • Elephant Measuring Cups


    Mama can measure ingredients in style with this ceramic elephant measuring cup. Whether it's oil or sugar, each item will pour from the elephant's trunk. 

    Measuring Cups ($13, Amazon)

  • Jade Dishtowel


    Dishtowels are not a gift people typically think to get, but rather something people tend to buy for themselves. Anticipate this and give one to mom. They are an underrated way to add a pop of color to a kitchen, and make it feel home-y, too.

    Dishtowel ($18, Nordstrom) 

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