21 Mother's Day Gifts for Cool Grandmas (Who Don't Knit)

Mandy Velez | May 7, 2020 Home & Garden
21 Mother's Day Gifts for Cool Grandmas (Who Don't Knit)

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The days of giving grandma yarn or a "Best Grandma Ever" pullover sweater are slipping away. The grandmas of today want a bit more. They're not just baking cookies and knitting sweaters, although fresh sweaters and cookies are always appreciated, trust me. It's just that grandmas now know that they are just as cool as moms and should be pampered as such. Knitted sweaters are actually beautifully made dresses for their granddaughter. They like to travel, they like to wear jewelry, and they certainly like skin masks. Some grandmas are even giving birth for their kids. Don't get us wrong -- they're still traditional. (Photos of grandkids are always a good idea.) This is why we tried to round up a few Mother's Day gift ideas that will make the grandmas out there feel like the independent, strong women they are.

It took some digging but the gifts we compiled really speak to the different types of grandmothers that exist. There are the ones who are still living their young, best selves traveling the world or participating in 5Ks, whereas others are amazing cooks or bakers or avid readers. My own aunt, a grandmother of four, is traveling with me to Europe in a few weeks. Another one of my grandmothers has a rock-solid workout routine. In other words, the mimis of the world are breaking down stereotypes every day, and who are we to stop them? To pay homage to these ladies, do due diligence and find the gift that speaks to them as a person who is also a grandma. Start browsing! The perfect Mother's Day gift for a cool grandma awaits.

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  • Photo Calendar


    Why give one photo when grandma can see photos every month for a year? Upload different photos to the Shutterfly platform to create a personalized 12-month calendar. 

    Calendar ($20, Shutterfly)

  • Name Necklace


    Grandmas are so proud of their grandchildren. Help them show off the grandkids with this adorable personalized name necklace with the title "grandma" front and center.

    Name necklace ($38, Etsy)

  • Essential Oil Diffuser and Humidifier


    Give the gift of easy breathing and a good night's sleep. This essential oil diffusor allows the most calming scents to filter through the air, while also doubling as a humidifier. 

    Essential oil diffusor ($16, Amazon)

  • Sparkling Water Kit


    There are two types of people in this world: sparkling water people and everyone else. If grandma loves sparking water, gift her this kit to make her own whenever her heart desires. Bonus: It comes in different colors!

    Sparkling water kit ($60, Bed Beth & Beyond)

  • Professional Bakeware Set


    This five-piece bakeware set will make any baker's heart sing. It covers all of the baking basics from cookies to cakes to loaf breads, and more. 

    Bakeware set ($29, Target)

  • Travel Anti-Theft Bag with Water Bottle Holder

    travel purse with water bottle pouch

    I've never met a grandmother that didn't have a water bottle. This travel bag is spacious for all of her daily or travel essentials, including a side spot for that water bottle. Whether she's at the casino or on a cruise, she'll love sporting it and feel safe because it's theft-proof, too.  

    Travel bag ($43, Amazon)

  • 'Nana' Canvas Tote


    For more relaxing travel (the beach, perhaps?) this canvas tote is perfect for the grams who want to carry their belongings in style. Visit. Hug. Spoil. Repeat. 

    Canvas bag ($18, Etsy)

  • Scented Candle


    Grandmas love brunch, too. Give her the taste of bellinis even during the week with this fruity-scented candle. She'll toast to that. 

    Candle ($26, Yankee Candle)

  • 'Grandma' Print


    A "grandma" definition print is the chicest way to tell her what she means to the people who love her. It can go on a desk or dresser and can be personalized with a favorite quote!

    Print ($6+, Etsy)

  • Monogram Flower Pot


    If she's got a green thumb, this monogram flower pot is perfect for her next plant. The pot can go indoors or outdoors and can be customized with a family surname. 

    Flower pot ($44, Bed, Bath & Beyond)

  • Fresh Overnight Mask


    Give gram the gift of firm morning skin with this black tea overnight creme by Fresh. Even if her pores are already picture perfect, a face cream is a soothing antidote to a long day. Comes in regular (100 mL) and mini (30 mL) sizes. 

    Night cream ($35, Sephora)

  • Kindle


    Sure, Kindles have been around a minute, but more people are realizing how good it feels to detach from the Internet for a bit. If grandmom is that person, she'll enjoy sitting with a good book instead. Easily a great gift for the beach, too, as the screen is glare free. 

    Kindle, Edition 8 ($54, Amazon)

  • Star Map


    Capture the night sky of a person's most meaningful night or nights in a photo. Thanks to services such as this one that research and print the stars, grandmom can get the night sky of an important day in her life forever on her wall. 

    Night Sky Poster ($29, Posterhaste)

  • 'Mimi' Coffee Mug


    Coffee tastes better in a cute mug. Get this "mimi" mug to celebrate the mimi that celebrates grandma. 

    Mug ($12, Etsy)

  • Travel Jewelry Storage Case


    Carrying jewelry from place to place can be nerve-wracking if there isn't a trendy bag to keep each item safely secure. Enter the travel jewelry organizer bag. When grandma comes for a visit, she can have all her best jewelry in tow. 

    Storage case ($25, Amazon)

  • Monogrammed Robe


    Nothing says pampered like a fluffy white robe. And it's monogrammed! After all, grandmothers should be able to kick back after all the work they put in as the matriarch of the family. Get it for when she comes over next. It'll make the place feel as close to the Ritz as possible.

    Terry white bathrobe ($77, Bed, Bath & Beyond)

  • Personalized Grandparent Book


    Image gram opening up a book to read to the grandkids that was about her! The creator says the book's illustrations and scenes can reflect the person the gift is for. According to the website, "this professionally bound, hardcover keepsake celebrates endless love and joyful adventures."

    Personalized book ($30, Etsy)

  • Tea Kettle


    Tea anyone? This two-quart stainless steal tea kettle will heat up to eight cups of tea, soup, or cereals at a time. It comes in nine different colors. 

    Tea kettle ($70, Bed, Bath & Beyond)

  • Alex and Ani 'Grandmother' Bangle


    Give grandma some Alex and Ani arm candy with this grandmother bangle. According to the item's description, the gold bracelet charm "proudly reads 'Grandmother' on the front and features a special heart design representing the grandchild/grandmother relationship." 

    Charm bracelet ($32, Alex and Ani)

  • Nesting Bowls


    We can't forget the grandma who really does want to make cookies. No complaints here! These mixing bowls are perfect for whisking batter or whipping up salads. They also come with colorful measuring spoons that nestle seamlessly over the top of the bowls. 

    Nesting bowls ($22, Amazon)

  • 'Promoted to Grandma' T-Shirt


    Don't forget to think about future grandmothers this Mother's Day. Finding out one is going to be a grandmother is one of the most special moments. Give her this adorable "Promoted to Grandma" shirt to break the good news.  

    Baby reveal shirt for grandma ($16, Etsy)

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