20 Mother's Day Gifts for Moms Who Really Love Pictures

Mandy Velez | Apr 17, 2019 Home & Garden
20 Mother's Day Gifts for Moms Who Really Love Pictures
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Family photos and moms go together like peanut butter and jelly. That's the saying, right? But seriously, thanks to Facebook and Instagram, it's now super easy to document everything from family vacation time to kids doing something memorable, like celebrating a birthday or riding a horse for the first time. Or even while breastfeeding. It's no wonder that people are whipping iPads, iPhones, and Androids out at every turn. Gone are the days of taking a photo on an old-fashioned Polaroid just to go in a scrapbook brought out once a year -- or taken with a throwaway camera and not getting any of the images developed. Now, everyone has a chance to capture the beautiful people (and things) around them.

With social media at our fingertips, literally, there's even endless places to store those images away for safekeeping and more reasons to fall in love with capturing these moments. If there's a photo-obsessed mom in the family, we have some ideas to take her camera game to the next level -- whether she's a true camera buff or just an iPhone photographer. This Mother's Day, gift her a picture-related item that's much more fun than simply a photo in a frame. 

To help out, we rounded up a diverse array of photo-related related items that will make anyone jump for joy (and then go run to take some photos.) From photo blankets (yes, they're a thing!) to fun camera straps for the more advanced photographer, we have it covered. It's hard to believe there are so many different camera gadgets out there. And things to put a kid's face on. But it all exists -- and no one deserves them more than moms do. Mother's Day comes and goes, but photos, they last forever.   

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  • Digital Photo Scrapbook


    Scrap-booking is fun, but for those looking for a quick and clean way to catalog memories, this photo book helps get the job done. Choose the photos straight from an Instagram feed to include on the cover and inside and make the sentimental mom in your life shed a tear or two -- for a lower price to boot. 

    Photo Book (from $15, Artifact Uprising)  

  • Shutter Hugger


    Taking photos of squirmy kids is hard, even if one does take a lot of photos, and is somewhat good at it. Cute, attention-grabbing animal camera covers may help. They sit around the lens so kiddos look directly at the camera every time, natch. 

    Camera Shutter Hugger ($20, Amazon)

  • Smartphone Lens Set


    No fancy camera? No problem. This detachable phone lens for iPhones and other smartphones give the gift of high-quality images with one easy attachment. It also makes for a much easier tool to travel with. It comes with three different lenses, to boot. That's classy to us. 

    Phone Lens Kit (13, Walmart) 

  • Instant Photo Printer


    Save a mom the time and energy of uploading her photos to the drugstore to have them printed. With this Polaroid instant photo printer, she can print her photos out any time from the convenience of her home. Now, finding a frame is all that's left to do. 

    Polaroid Photo Printer ($99, Walmart)

  • Photo Puzzle


    Photo puzzles make great gifts. They show a personalized photo as well as being a fun family activity. Who needs puppies in a basket when the puzzle can show the cutest family ever, instead?

    Photo Puzzle (from $20, Shutterfly)

  • Wood Photo Keepsake


    Puzzles aren't the only places to put photos. Turns out, pictures can be made into wood, too, for timeless keepsakes. Send a photo from Instagram or Facebook (or a person's phone if that's doable) and have it made into a wooden work of art.  

    Photo on Wood (from 25, OTWorkshop/Etsy)

  • Photo Coasters


    What's better than a regular coaster? A photo coaster. They're functional and special. Send in a few photos from Instagram and have it printed on 4-inch tiles. The Disney trip will be there to see for everyone with a glass of something. 

    Personalized Photo Coasters ($27, BeeActive/Etsy)

  • Stylish Camera Strap


    For the more advanced photographer, help her upgrade her style with a distinctive camera strap. It helps sets a camera apart and dresses it up a bit (not that black is a bad color, but they all look the same otherwise). Choose from a number of colors and patterns to suit the mama's style.

    Camera Strap ($10, Amazon)

  • Wood Photo Calendar


    Everyone loves a personalized calendar. Upgrade that idea with this wooden clipboard photo calendar. It takes the item from everyday to chic. Just choose a photo for each month and make mama happy for an entire year. 

    Photo Calendar (from $25, Artifact Uprising) 

  • iPhone Flash Drive


    Easily transfer iPhone images and files to desktops with this USB port for iPhones or iPads. It can transfer items between portable devices as well if Wi-Fi isn't available. It supports video files as well and is an easy way to safely store precious moments should the Cloud fail us. 

    Flash Drive for iPhone ($29, Amazon)

  • Photo Throw Blanket


    Keep loved ones close, like really close. This photo blanket allows one to do just that. While anyone can hug a photo of a loved one tight, putting their images on a blanket is next level. It's for the ultimate photo lover. 

    Photo Blanket (from $29, Collage) 

  • Digital Photo Frame


    Digital photo frames are like the one-size fits all of picture frames. They connect to smartphones easily and are able to display as many photos as its owner desires. Never worry about changing out a photo again. Well, at least the ones in this frame. 

    Digital Frame ($159, Amazon)

  • Camera Tripod


    Asking strangers to take group photos will be a thing of the past with this camera tripod. It's a great gift for the mom who doesn't always have someone around to help take photos with her in them. Prop it on the ground or on a table and everybody will get to be in the photo.

    GorillaPod Flexible Tripod ($68, Amazon) 

  • Photoshop Shortcuts Keyboard Skin


    Learning Photoshop is a lot easier when it's obvious what the keyboard shortcuts are. This keyboard shortcut skin lays over Mac computer keyboards and includes hints for Photoshop CS users. It's also spill-proof (aka washable) should little ones have an accident nearby. 

    Photoshop Keyboard Shortcuts Skin ($14, Amazon)

  • Camera Cookie Cutters


    Most parents would love their kids to share love for their hobbies and interests. For photography lovers, this camera-shaped cookie cutter may do the trick. If anything, they look cute and are less likely to break. 

    Camera Cookie Cutters ($20, Amazon)

  • Touch Screen Gloves


    Snapping the perfect picture is hard in colder climates. One must remove gloves and grasp the phone with shivering hands. Well, not with these sensory gloves. Whoever wears them can keep them on and still use the touch screen on phones, cameras, and tablets. Building snowmen should be captured on video!

    Touch Screen Gloves ($14, Amazon)

  • Waterproof iPhone Case


    Taking photos in wet environments should also always be an option. A waterproof phone case allows a mom to take photos of her kids at the beach, shoot, even in the water. The clear screen allows the phone to function normally while still protected from the elements. Also works in snow.

    Waterproof iPhone Case ($13, Walmart)

  • 'Capture Life' Camera Bracelet


    Combine fashion and a passion and get this silver finish "capture life" camera bracelet. It comes with two charms, one with the quote and the other with a camera. An initial can be added as well. Fits a 6- to 8 1/2-inch wrist. 

    Camera Bracelet ($17, UniquelyImprint/Etsy)

  • Small Camera Bag


    Mom needs to carry her camera in style (and safety), so get her a camera bag insert. It easily fits a small camera and up to two lenses. It can be carried on a shoulder or inside any large purse (even if there's lots of snacks in it).

    Small Camera Bag Insert ($24, PatrickShopDesigns/Etsy)

  • Online Photography Class


    If the mama is serious about photography, like beyond iPhone camera serious, a beginner photographer class can help her start honing her skills. Online classes make it easy to attend as long as she has a computer. The best part is that it's a gift that can be given to anyone, even if they don't live close by. 

    Online Photography Class ($19, Groupon)

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