15 Mother's Day Gifts for Millennial Moms

Mandy Velez | Apr 17, 2019 Home & Garden
15 Mother's Day Gifts for Millennial Moms
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Millennials aren't just regular moms, they're cool moms, and they deserve"/cool mom" Mother's Day gifts. Some love glitter, others love fitness. All really, really love their kids -- maybe as much as avocado toast (just kidding, maybe). And they know how to have fun while doing this whole parenting thing. While the holiday may be Hallmark-y to some folks, it's an opportunity to treat the mamas in your life like the fun-loving, sushi-eating, bath-bomb, self-care having goddesses they are. OK, so these may be a bunch of stereotypes, but you get the picture.

Millennial moms work super hard and, somehow, are still the most amazing parents they can be. To make sure they are showered with the best Mother's Day tokens of appreciation, we rounded up some of the coolest gifts. Because their interests can vary, we took care in trying to hit upon as many one of their loves as we could. From the mom who follows only the best Instagram accounts -- from fitness to foodies -- to the ones who need their morning (or afternoon, or/and night coffee,) we have you covered. Even the moms who just love a good piece of jewelry, home decor or Game of Thrones. Winter, er, Mother's Day is coming, friends. 

This group may be misrepresented in the media, but we think these gifts will bring out the best in them. Or at least make them happier than an avocado on toast. (Sorry, that joke will never get old.)

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  • 'Makeup or Snacks' Bag


    Might be makeup, might literally be snacks. Who knows! But the mom who gets this will definitely appreciate the versatility (and humor).

    Makeup Bag ($10, LittleWingsDesignCo/Etsy)

  • Printed Tank


    Whether the recipient of this tank will work out at an actual gym or simply chase around kiddos, it will make her feel easy, breezy, and beautiful. And by that we mean, it'll keep her cool and cool-looking -- and feeling empowered-- while doing any of the above.

    Tough as a Mother Tank Top ($15, Target)

  • Mom Fake Bible Verse Mug


    Millennials love quotes, and what better quote to have on a mug is one totally made up, but relevant. It's funny, it's' true, and it holds coffee. Sounds like a win to us. 

    Mom Quote Mug ($13, 3CStylesandPrints/Etsy)

  • Mini Succulent Planters


    Sometimes, a mom just need to take care of something that doesn't cause her to lose sleep. Obviously, caring for herself is top of the list, but nursing precious succulents is a close second. Don't fret, there's tons of fake succulents that require no effort (but we won't tell).

    Succulent Planter Pots (HookAndStemCo/Etsy, $27)

  • Hoop Earrings 


    Hoop earrings are back, baby. She might not be able to wear these gorgeous suckers around grabby toddlers, but for date night or brunch with the girls? They're a shoe in. They come in "white fable" gold with stunning colored roses across them. 

    Hoop Earrings ($6, Target)

  • Alex and Ani Charm 'Mom' Bracelet 


    If you want to up the jewelry game this Mother's Day, the "Mom" Alex and Ani charm is the way to go. It comes in a gold finish and features the words "mom" with four crystals on the border. Seriously, is a millennial still a millennial without one of these?

    Mom Charm Bangle ($32, Alex and Ani)

  • 'Harry Potter' Door Mat


    Speaking of things lots of millennials love, this Harry Potter doormat will put a spell on the muggle moms out there. Plus, she may appreciate making sure the magic is passed on to her kiddos or guests every time they walk through the front door. 

    Harry Potter Mat ($38, ATHENOSDesigns/Etsy)

  • Triple Name Necklace


    Personalization is all the rage these days and this necklace does it beautifully. Order the child or children's names to be featured on the necklace, and watch as mom (hopefully) turns into a puddle of happy tears. She'll wear their names proudly wherever she goes. 

    Dainty Triple Name Necklace (from $31, CaitlynMinimalist/Etsy)

  • 'Mama Bear' Glitter Phone Case


    Glitter phone cases are the best way to a super feminine mom's heart, especially when it shows off her title: "Mama Bear." She'll carry it wherever she goes and protect her precious phone from slippery fingers in the process. 

    Mama Bear Glitter Phone Case ($17, ArlaLaserWorks/Etsy)

  • Leggings


    Give the gift of soft, peaceful leggings for Mother's Day. The mom in your life will be able to stretch, relax, or run errands comfortable in these Athleta leggings. They're soft, but structured. Can it get better than that?

    Barre Rib Tight in Powervita ($32, Athleta)  

  • 'Hamilton' Throw Pillow


    This Hamilton throw pillow is perfect for the theatrical mama that may or may not also have a long to-do list. Just like Hamilton, there's a million things she hasn't done, but just wait. 

    Hamilton Throw Pillow ($25, 4EverYoungDesigns1/Etsy)

  • 'Taco Queen' T-Shirt


    If she's a queen, the world should know about it -- even if it's the Queen of Tacos. This tee is great for the foodie taco lover who also likes to stay comfy. 

    Taco Queen T-Shirt (from $23, TacoShapedHeart/Etsy)

  • 'Sleepy' Body Lotion


    Help mom get her must-needed sleep. The Sleepy body lotion from Lush is perfect for calming the senses before bedtime. 

    Sleepy Lush Body Lotion ($18, Lush)

  • Scrunchies


    Having kids is a tie-your-hair-up kind of job. Gift her scrunchies to make things somewhat easier. They're cute and functional, just like her! Also a throwback to a time she knows well: the '90s. 

    Scrunchies (from $5, ShopLittleBowCo/Etsy)

  • 'Drops the F-Bomb' Travel Mug


    Listen, millennial moms are as real as they come. That includes telling it like it is. With this travel mug, she'll be able to show off who she is, and make sure to get her coffee fix at the same time. 

    Drops the F-Bomb Mug ($21, MayaLynsCreations/Etsy)

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