There's an Easy Way to Keep the Fridge Organized

packed fridge.
Inside Edition

There are some things that simply get away from us. No parent juggling raising a whole human life, holding down a full-time job, and managing a household isn't going to be at least a little guilty of letting something slip through the cracks. That might be it forgetting to dust their own bedrooms, letting the garage get disorganized, or simply not caring about the toys all over the living room. A big one for a lot of us? The refrigerator. 

After spending what feels like an eternity grocery shopping, all of the energy we can basically muster goes into throwing the food in the fridge and calling it a day. It's easy to see how quickly it can get neglected, and if the kids are old enough to get their hands in there, it only adds to the chaos. Luckily there are a few simple tricks anyone can employ in their own fridge to bring some sanity back to that space. 


The crazy fridge situation is one Jennifer and Jamie Venezia are all too familiar with. In a house full of kids, their fridge is packed to capacity and had no structure to it whatsoever. They called on professional organizer Kathy Vines to come to their home in Watertown, Massachusetts, to organize their fridge. The first step? Clean  everything out and then place it all on the kitchen counter. And then take it from there. Check out the rest of her tips and see the transformation here:  

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