31 Tiny Cabins That Make for the Coziest Hideaways

31 Tiny Cabins That Make for the Coziest Hideaways
Image: ethanabitz, prepperheaven/Instagram

At left, a cabin lit-up with lights and a fire pit outside. At right, a tiny cabin on a lake.
ethanabitz, prepperheaven/Instagram

Imagine curling up in an armchair beside a cozy fire, with a cup of hot cocoa in hand. Sounds heavenly, right? Now imagine the setting is a tiny cabin, nestled in the woods, without a tiny human in sight. The rain pitter-pattering on the roof above is the only sound you hear, aside from the crackling fire (which is amazing, by the way). There won't be a kid demanding another glass of water or the third snack of the hour. And there's no need to watch where you step either, since the floor isn't a battlefield of Lego bricks and other sharp toys waiting to attack your feet. (Hey, now we're talkin'!) I know it sounds like a dream, but for getaway-seekers everywhere, tiny cabins are the real deal, and they offer the perfect respite.

Tiny homes have been growing in popularity over the last decade, quickly becoming go-to getaways for anyone who wants some peace and quiet. But tiny cabins, packed with rustic charm and surrounded by forests or rolling hills, are steadily gaining a cult following, too. (Just a scroll through #tinycabins on Instagram will toss anyone down a click-hole of irresistible coziness.) The best part is, they make for the perfect solo retreats or romantic getaways, which can help parents get in that precious "me" and/or "us" time they so desperately crave. 

How does curling up in warm, comfy bed with a good book sound? Or spending the weekend in snow-capped mountains, finally working on that memoir you've been meaning to write? (Pretty incredible, huh?) Google "tiny cabins for rent" and a bevy of pretty amazing vacation rentals will pop up, each one more dreamy than the next. But let us save all that leg work -- scroll on for 31 of our favorites now.

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  • Rustic Tiny Cabin


    This magical little oasis is on private property with more than 200 acres of land -- so getting in some peace and quiet definitely won't be a problem. Then again, there will be some roughing it involved: The bathroom is in a nearby outhouse and there's no running water (yikes!), but the cabin itself is nestled between pines, has a large fire pit and a wood stove for cooking, and will make any vacationer feel like they are truly one with nature.

    Airbnb, $79/night

  • Treehouse Cabin


    Part treehouse, part cabin, this idyllic getaway describes itself on Airbnb as a "wonderful suspended nest" that sits "among the fragrances of the linden trees and other aromatic herbs." It's also got amazing panoramic views that are just begging to be Instagrammed, plus a garden with a solarium and a swimming pool. Nature walks abound, as do bike paths and wine tours. (Seriously -- sign me UP!) 

    The only catch? It's in San Salvatore Monferrato, a remote region of Italy. So while US travelers will have quite a journey to get there, the payoff is more than worth it.

    Airbnb, $180/night

  • Red Door Cabin


    Simple, remote, and oh-so-charming. This one-bedroom cabin in Glenville, North Carolina, features hardwood floors and whitewashed shiplap walls inside (my inner Joanna Gaines is squeeing), as well as a full kitchen, bathroom with shower, and roomy queen bed. But here's the best part: There are also two kayaks available for use at no extra charge, a nearby lake, and lots and lots of hiking opportunities -- including some trails that pass by stunning waterfalls!

    Airbnb, $85/night

  • Candlelit Hideaway


    I'm not sure I need more reasons to be totally sold on this A-frame cabin, other than the amazing hot tub that sits right out front. Add in the twinkling lights and deep-in-the-forest vibe, and it's the perfect group or solo getaway.

  • Rushing Brook Cabin


    This one looks straight out of a fairy tale. Sure, the fact that it's built one somewhat off a cliff, overlooking a rushing downhill stream, might be a deterrent for anyone with a fear of heights. But come on ... Those views + that calming sound of rushing water = absolute heaven. 

  • Romantic Cottage Cabin


    Speaking of fairy tales ... this romantic cottage cabin, which sits beside a gentle stream, is giving me major gingerbread house vibes. That's probably because it's in a tiny village in southern Austria, where it was used for decades as a corn and crop barn before being transformed into an idyllic vacation home.

    Airbnb, $95/night

  • Snowy Hideaway


    I could stare at this photo and imagine myself tucked away inside that snow-covered cabin forever ... Looks like the perfect locale for a secluded getaway, no matter the season.

  • Idyllcreek Cabin


    This cozy A-frame cabin was built in the '60s on a family's property in Idyllwild, California, where it still exists today. Peek inside, and travelers will find a wood burning fireplace and fun spiral staircase that leads up to a second floor. And not to worry -- it's not too rustic: There's wireless Internet and a hot tub!

    Airbnb, $229/night

  • Rustic Porch Cabin


    This rustic little cabin is the perfect getaway for anyone who wants to bring a pal (or two, or three) along for the ride. It's got a screened-in porch to lounge on, and a fire pit made for late-night chats and toasting marshmallows. Plus, its quaint, updated kitchen will make dinnertime around the table even more fun. 

    Airbnb, $115/night

  • Little Owl Cabin


    This cozy Pacific Northwest cabin is called Little Owl (how adorable is that?), and according to its Airbnb posting, it sits just 20 minutes from Mt. Rainier National Park, White Pass Ski Area, and "some of the most breathtaking hiking trails on the West Coast." But when travelers aren't setting out on daytime adventure hikes, they're usually relaxing in a cedar soaking tub or lounging on the deck or balcony. In other words: It's pretty hard not to unwind here.

    Airbnb, $259/night

  • Hobbit Cabin


    It's a hobbit house! I repeat: A HOBBIT. HOUSE. And if it looks familiar, that's probably because it is: The Hobbit House was featured on HGTV's Mighty Tiny Houses in 2017 for its distinctive style and architecture. In addition to its log cabin design and a sod roof, the house sits on land filled with Alaskan flowers and right near a gorgeous lake. There's also a private bath for soaking and relaxing (it just so happens to be 15 feet from the cabin).

    Airbnb, $135/night

  • Desert Dream Cabin


    Doesn't this look like the perfect place to get snowed in? This cedar cabin in the heart of the Colorado mountains is ideal for family trips or romantic getaways, with its laid-back Southwestern style, huge windows, and vaulted ceilings. It's on a ridge with views and surrounded by juniper trees, pinion pine, and sage bushes -- a gorgeous natural spot vacationers won't soon forget.

    Vrbo, $135/night

  • Houseboat Cabin


    This dreamy little spot is a houseboat, and it's 100% adorable. With its tiny porch and hammock on the lake, what more could one want?

  • Bungalow Cabin


    Nestled between two large trees, this sweet Michigan bungalow is described as a "magical, enchanted, charming space -- light-filled and cozy, all at once." Inside, travelers are greeted by one-of-a-kind antiques, wall paintings, and an extensive library of books to curl up and read in front of the fire. But here's the real selling point: The bathroom features stained glass windows and a claw-foot tub, perfect for soaking up some extra-special "Me Time."

    Vrbo, $269/night

  • Lakeview Retreat


    The only thing better than staying in a cabin by the lake? Staying in a cabin literally on the lake. This humble abode features a porch to look out over the water, to soak in the solitude or take in the view with friends.

  • Red Tiny Cabin


    This tiny Georgia cabin was once an old woodshed, but now it's made for entertaining. Guests can venture down to the nearby lake or curl up in the loft reading nook with a good book. Take a stroll through the property's 8 acres, hop in a two-person hot tub for a late-night soak, or sit by the fire pit and toast some marshmallows. There's even a small waterfall to gaze at from the porch!

    Vrbo, $83/night

  • Green Forest Hideaway


    No, this isn't a Bob Ross painting -- it's actually a photo one Instagrammer took of a wooden cabin hidden deep within the forest. "If you build your offsite cabin near a river," the caption reads, "you can use the water movement to produce endless electricity." 

    Hmm ... a rustic oasis with an eco-friendly twist -- pretty clever!

  • Mountainview Bunkhouse


    This one-room bunkhouse has rustic Colorado appeal and is set on a 5-acre horse farm. This pet-friendly spot will board horses and also welcomes dogs. In case a relaxing getaway isn't on the books, nearby activities include rock climbing, river rafting, and fishing. The cabin is close to town for those who'd rather eat at a restaurant than cook. 

    Vrbo, $85

  • Glasshouse Cabin


    This dreamy, modern cabin on wheels has literally been called "The World's Most Beautiful Tiny House," according to its listing, and was hailed by The Today Show as an "off-the-grid oasis." One look at the home, and it's easy to see why. The Glass House sits on a private 30-acre farm in Hudson Valley, New York, and features nearly floor-to-ceiling glass windows that offer visitors 360-degree views. Guests can dine outside, lounge by the fire pit, or stroll through the surrounding vineyards and apple orchards.

    Airbnb, $145

  • Cabin by the Creek


    This simple, rustic tiny home in North Carolina may not have a ton of bells and whistles, but it offers travelers the seclusion they need to get away from big-city life. Adventure-seekers can take on the rapids of the nearby Nantahala River or hike through the forest of the Great Smoky Mountains. And come nightfall, there's always the warm fire pit and barbecue to gather around while recuperating for another day.

    Home Away, $92/night

  • Moss-Covered Bungalow


    Doesn't this moss-covered cabin look like something out of a movie? (OK, so maybe a slightly creepy movie, but still -- it's pretty cool!) It's just begging visitors to nestle up inside with a good book or start that novel they've been meaning to write. (And that sounds like the best kind of woodsy oasis to me.)

  • Nordic-Inspired Hideaway


    Calling all hygge fans: Meet the Hyggelig Hytte, described as a "one-of-a-kind, Nordic inspired cabin located in the heart of the Green Mountains," just north of Montpelier, Vermont. On Airbnb, its host explains that it was first inspired by her trip to the Faroe Islands, and her love of the Viking Age. Now, it offers tourists a "rustic glamping experience" ideal for couples, creatives, or solo vacationers who want a remote hideaway that feels cozy, yet a little bohemian.

    Airbnb, $115/night

  • Pine Tree Cabin


    Talk about a true tiny home. This cedar-sided tiny cabin is definitely short on space, but big on coziness. Curl up inside, or take a walk among the nearby pine trees. Either way, it's bound to offer an unforgettable stay.

  • Cabin on the Lake


    This three-bedroom hideaway sleeps up to six guests (if everyone's cool sharing one bathroom). It also features a newly updated kitchen with granite counter tops and new double decks that overlook the lake below. There's pretty much something here for everyone, including a private beach nearby, a community pool (that's heated!), a catch-and-release pond for avid fishers, and tennis and basketball courts for sporty types.

    Home Away, $214/night

  • Cozy Camp David Bungalow


    This Camp David bungalow makes visitors feel right at home, as soon as they walk through its doors. "Pour a glass of wine, crack open a cold micro-brew, and breathe in the fresh mountain air," its listing reads. "If you listen real close you may hear the local quail cooing or see the local deer or wild turkeys meander through the yard as a special bonus."

    (Um, how cool is that?)

    Trip Advisor, $185/night

  • Beaver Hill Cabin


    This Nordic-style cottage has a whole lot of charm, plus plenty of modern amenities that visitors will love. There's a quaint kitchen, a covered porch, and a relaxing hot tub travelers can soak in while enjoying the nearby valley views. Better keep those eyes peeled, too -- local wildlife often roams the property.