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bunny coasters
Pier 1 Imports

Look, if there's even a tiny excuse to buy decor items and overspend our budget on them, we're probably going to take it -- and then feel super guilty, but whatever, that's a problem for future-us, right? Well, not necessarily. While we love any excuse to decorate for any season, we especially adore the fact that these extremely cute springtime decor items are, at under $10 a pop (and some way less than that -- many are in the $3-6 range!), absolutely adorable -- while not breaking the bank even a little bit. 

For all the moms out there who are as seasonal decor-happy as we are (and who love making a season happen on a budget), this roundup of super-cute springtime decor is just for us. We don't have to give up our love decorating just because we want to make sure all the bills get paid!

Some of these items are themed with Easter in mind, while others are simply harbingers of spring (or are filled with yummy springtime scents, like a light spring floral candle). And some of the prints, like eggs and bunnies, may sound really Easter-y, but are also pretty generally springtime-themed, and appropriate for pretty much any family. (We know someone who keeps a set of bunny tea towels going in her house year-round, and we don't judge her. They're adorable.) 

For other great Easter decorating ideas that the kids can help out with, we recommend checking out some Easter kids crafts. But for us, we're decorating for Easter in particular, and this list will definitely help make that happen.

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