The Cutest Spring Decor Items Under $10

The Cutest Spring Decor Items Under $10
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bunny coasters
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Look, if there's even a tiny excuse to buy decor items and overspend our budget on them, we're probably going to take it -- and then feel super guilty, but whatever, that's a problem for future-us, right? Well, not necessarily. While we love any excuse to decorate for any season, we especially adore the fact that these extremely cute springtime decor items are, at under $10 a pop (and some way less than that -- many are in the $3-6 range!), absolutely adorable -- while not breaking the bank even a little bit. 

For all the moms out there who are as seasonal decor-happy as we are (and who love making a season happen on a budget), this roundup of super-cute springtime decor is just for us. We don't have to give up our love decorating just because we want to make sure all the bills get paid!

Some of these items are themed with Easter in mind, while others are simply harbingers of spring (or are filled with yummy springtime scents, like a light spring floral candle). And some of the prints, like eggs and bunnies, may sound really Easter-y, but are also pretty generally springtime-themed, and appropriate for pretty much any family. (We know someone who keeps a set of bunny tea towels going in her house year-round, and we don't judge her. They're adorable.) 

For other great Easter decorating ideas that the kids can help out with, we recommend checking out some Easter kids crafts. But for us, we're decorating for Easter in particular, and this list will definitely help make that happen.

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  • Egg Glass Candy Jar

    Egg Glass Candy Jar
    Pier 1 Imports

    What are we planning to fill this candy jar with? Sure, candy, maybe, just for a week or so -- but then it's going to live full-time on our vanity, stuffed with cotton buds. This thing is just way too cute to only put out once a year!

    Egg Glass Candy Jar ($7.50, Pier 1 Imports)

  • Bunny Floral Buffet Napkins

    Bunny Floral Buffet Napkins
    Pier 1 Imports

    We don't know what it is about this bunny's face that makes our little hearts melt into puddles, but something is absolutely making that happen. Look at how sincere it is! Look at its perky little ears! We just want to nibble on them.

    Bunny Floral Buffet Napkins ($6, Pier 1 Imports)

  • Blossom Bar Soap

    Blossom Bar Soap

    It's time to move from wintry scents like cinnamon and clove and onto fresh, spring scents -- and that goes for our bathroom sinks as well as our living rooms and dining rooms! We love this delicate, bar soap for its light scent and handmade charm.

    Blossom Bar Soap ($6, SkinFoodByAB/Etsy)

  • Floating Seedling


    We absolutely adore how this seedling is suspended in a block of clear acrylic. It's both contemporary and cool-looking, and also really reminiscent of old-school Audubon drawings. Perfect for any style. 

    Floating Seedling (on sale $8, West Elm)

  • Printed Lidded Tin Jar Candle Spring Bloom


    We love being surrounded by candles with thick, heavy scents all winter (even smoky scents -- one of our favorite candles this year was marked "pipe tobacco"). But come spring, it's time to lighten it up with a sweet little floral.

    3.9oz Printed Lidded Tin Jar Candle Spring Bloom ($5, Target)

  • Poppies Watercolor Print


    Add a little spring life to any room with this classic, elegant print made by Natalie Larsgard, a sweet artist in Utah who works with her sister. On her Etsy shop, Natalie says, "Our hope is to bring happiness into your homes with our colorful prints, cards, and uplifting quotes." We love these ladies!

    Poppies Watercolor Print on White Linen Card Stock ($8, Notesbynatalie/Etsy)

  • Black & White Bunny Sketch Salad Plate


    This salad plate could easily double as a dessert plate or for side dishes, and while they're great for spring for obvious reasons, these are weirdly cool for being an Easter-themed image, too -- which means they could work year-round if we're willing to lean into the bunniness.

    Black & White Bunny Sketch Salad Plate ($4.50, Pier 1 Imports)

  • Natural Fiber Bird Nest With Eggs


    Whatever religious and cultural traditions we follow, we're going to want to celebrate the rebirth, regeneration, and renewal that's associated with spring. And what's a better image for this than a little nest made out of real twigs and moss -- covered with metallic-flecked, pastel eggs. 

    Natural Fiber Bird Nest With Eggs ($4, Cost Plus World Market)

  • Easy-Care Small Parlor Palm


    It's the season for new life, so why not invite this beautiful little parlor palm into our home? We love adding fresh greenery to our space, which adds a ton of good energy and color without costing a fortune.

    Easy-Care Small Parlor Palm ($8, The Sill)

  • Easter Pom-Pom Garland


    OK, this little tassled pom-pom garland is just adorable, right? It's time to shake off the winter colors along with the winter blues (... and grays and blacks), and re-embrace the bright, colorful colors of spring and summer!

    72" Easter Pom-Pom Garland ($6, Target)

  • Marble-Colored Terra Cotta Planter


    We love growing seedlings in the spring and summer, for everything from super-useful baby bay trees (which produce real bay leaves!) to decorative but charming succulents that only need to be watered monthly, like snake plants. Pop them in this sweet planter for an elevated look that costs less than $5.

    Marble-Colored Terra Cotta Planter (on sale $4, Urban Outfitters)

  • Green Bunny Woven Napkin


    Look, it's not our fault that we are really into the bunny prints right now. There are a lot on the market that look pretty elevated -- not  like they belong over at grandma's -- and we're not sure why this is the case, but we are absolutely here for it.

    Green Bunny Woven Napkin (on sale $3, Pier 1 Imports)

  • Bauble Vase


    What, something from Anthropologie for under $1,000,000? It's true! And these are honestly incredibly pretty. We love a baby vase like this for breaking up a bouquet so we can thriftily enjoy the flowers all over the house.

    Bauble Vase (from $8, Anthropologie)

  • Handmade Honeysuckle Soy Wax Farmhouse Candle


    We love supporting small artisans -- and never more than when we can do so for under $10. This candle is so cool-looking, and it also smells like our favorite flavor of spring and summer -- honeysuckle. Yum.

    Handmade Honeysuckle Soy Wax Farmhouse Candle ($9.50, TeresaLynnsSimpleLux/Etsy)

  • Floral Bunny Tea Towel


    We know, another incredibly cool bunny. But just look at it! We already bought this tea towel and will be using it year-round because it's an impossibly elevated bunny with a cool flower overlay. Love it.

    Floral Bunny Tea Towel (on sale $8, Pottery Barn)

  • Esschert Design Clear Plant Mister


    For all of the cool new plants that we get in the spring, we're going to need a mister we don't feel gross about leaving out on the counter when guests come over. This is so pretty, and such a value.

    Esschert Design Clear Plant Mister ($9, ToyBoxTech)

  • Stonebriar Small Antique Galvanized Metal Jug With Handle


    We love this option because it works as both a cool-looking watering can and as a vase, pulling great double duty for spring flowers. We suppose it can also be used as a jug, given that's what it's called, but we have no idea what we would actually pour from it. 

    Stonebriar Small Antique Galvanized Metal Jug with Handle ($9, Walmart)

  • Farmhouse Napkin Ring


    We love these adorable (and affordable) egg-decorated napkin rings, and what farmhouse charm they lend to a seasonal dinner or brunch event. Handcrafted and extremely cute for Easter celebrations!

    Farmhouse Napkin Ring (2 for $6, TheMtnBluebirdCo/Etsy)

  • Easter Egg LED String Lights


    Get festive this Easter with this super cute egg-shaped LED string light. Great for adding a little brightness to any Easter gathering, this would also be super cute wrapped around a basket full of Easter candy.

    Easter Egg LED String Lights ($5, Target)

  • Floral Print Modern Instax Mini Picture Frame


    We love this charming, modern floral photo frame -- perfect for displaying a new family photo taken with a FujiFilm Instax, the modern version of a Polaroid. Kids love playing with them -- and will love getting to see themselves all framed up, too.

    Floral Print Modern Instax Mini Picture Frame ($6, Urban Outfitters) 

  • Burlap Bunny Coaster Set


    These adorably old-school bunny portraits are just tickling us, and we love the burlap material -- so rustic, while being adorably updated with these funny, cute images. We love the 1940s-style glasses! 

    Burlap Bunny Coaster Set ($6, Pier 1 Imports)

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