19 Housewarming Gifts That Won't Land In the Back of the Closet

19 Housewarming Gifts That Won't Land In the Back of the Closet
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Pineapple Door Mat

A while ago, I visited a friend's new house, just after she had been married. In every room, there were framed silver photos of her and her husband at their wedding, pillows emblazoned with images from their wedding, photo blankets of the happy couple, champagne glasses engraved with the date of their wedding... basically, her whole house looked like a weird museum to her wedding day. We're close enough that I could ask her about it. She looked a little overwhelmed and explained they'd all been gifts from friends and relatives, housewarming presents and wedding gifts that she felt she had to display -- at least for a year or so, she said -- because they were so personal, but she felt that while each one was kind of a nice thing, en masse, they were kind of...creepy.

This is all to say that as nicely-intentioned as some super-personalized trinkets can be, it's a good idea to remember that when we're shopping for a happy couple who have just moved into their new home, we're not the only ones doing so. And while the thought is what counts when it comes to housewarming gifts, it's not the only thing that counts. Personally, when I give a couple a nice gift, I don't want them to just enjoy the thought behind my action, I want to make sure they actually enjoy the gift, too. So here are a list of gifts that people actually want in their home. While a lot of these are really good for anyone (I defy anybody in their right mind to turn their nose up at takeout), there are a few that are better for some personality types than others. After all, while a gift doesn't need to have a couples' initials (or faces) printed on it to be personalized, some gifts should just really fit the people receiving it. 

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