Wayfair Is Practically Giving Away Rugs, Furniture & More for Under $99 If the House Needs a Mini-Makeover


wine rack

There was never a time I was more acutely aware of my surroundings than when I was on maternity leave. As a first-time mom, I took the "no leaving the house" rule pretty seriously, only venturing out for essentials and fresh air. That means I spent a lot of time in my house, so much so, I got pretty sick of looking at it. Considering I'd just had a baby, there wasn't a ton of financial wiggle room to remodel my house -- so instead, I gave my home little upgrades through new rugs, decorations, and plants. My home looked incredible and it was seriously satisfying

And if anyone is feeling the same itch to remodel, one can do it on the super cheap thanks to this epic sale Wayfair is having.  

For the next two days, Wayfair is offering customers a huge range of options for under $99 a pop. That means everything from rugs to legit furniture can be snagged for this incredible price.