20 Dogs Who Are Very, Very Sorry for What They've Done

Megan Zander | Feb 8, 2019 Home & Garden
20 Dogs Who Are Very, Very Sorry for What They've Done

bad doggie

Anyone who has or has ever had a furbaby in the family knows the drill. It's been a long day at work, but instead of coming home and sinking into the couch for some food and Netflix, we discover the dog spent the day decorating the kitchen floor with the contents of the garbage pail. Or we're at home with our pets, enjoying the quiet, when suddenly we realize it's too quiet. And when we go to investigate what's happening, we find they've decided to ignore all their pricey pet toys in favor of our favorite pair of sneakers. 

Of course, it's frustrating when the dog makes a mess or ruins something we love, but when they flash those sad puppy dog eyes at us, it's impossible to stay mad for long. 

They call them puppy dog eyes for a reason -- that slow, sad look our pets give us when they've done something wrong which immediately melts our anger. And let's be honest, for those of us whose hearts aren't made of stone, the puppy dog eyes trick totally works. Instead of putting them in doggie time out, suddenly we want to apologize to them and make them feel better. Now it's not, "Look what you did!" but, "Who's a good doggie?"

Having a dog makes every day an adventure. They make us laugh, comfort us when we're sad, and seem to communicate with us without words. Even on the days when they cause a little trouble, we still love them. 

We've rounded up 20 floofy doggos and puppers who weren't on their best behavior today, and are very, very sorry. We hope their owners forgave them quickly. After all, who can stay mad at these sweet faces? 

  • Shoe Artist


    This tiny fur ball can hardly bear to be confronted with the evidence of her crime. She's very, very sorry. Sure, it's not a great day when the dog chomps up a favorite pair of kicks. But admittedly, it's kind of impressive that this tiny tyke took on a shoe that's almost twice her size. 

  • Chair Caper


    This pupper was so upset over ruining mom's nice chair that she put herself into time out afterward as penance. Or maybe she's just taking a nap after all that tugging and pulling? Either way, all the awwwws. 

  • Squirrel 1, Dog 0


    This poor little buddy was chasing a squirrel, but things didn't go according to plan, and now he's full of regrets (and burs). Better luck next time, sweet boy. Things will look better(and cleaner!) after a nice warm bath and some treats. 

  • Beagle Butter


    Miss Daisey here does not know what happened to the jar of peanut butter and would very much like to look over here right now, thankyouverymuch. Why is she licking her lips like that if she's innocent? She pleads the fifth. 

  • Paper Party


    In this sweet boy's defense, he knows mom's the only one who ever changes the roll in the house, and he was just trying to help Also, those rolls can be hard to get started, so really, it's easier this way. Plus, that face says he's very, very sorry and he'll never do it again. 

  • Dog Ate My Homework


    Lewie here wasn't trying to be bad. He just wanted to make sure that when his mom used the old, "The dog ate my homework," excuse, she wasn't lying. Feel free to thank him anytime in the form of long walks, pets, and treats. 

  • So Long, Teddy


    This sweet boy wasn't trying to destroy his friend. He just gave his giant teddy loving he couldn't handle, that's all. Notice how he's trying to do CPR in an adorable attempt to resuscitate his pal. We sure hope his parents got him a replacement. 

  • Lost Lipstick


    This precious bull terrier is super duper sorry that she ate her mommy's lipstick. We're sure she wasn't trying to be bad! She probably just wanted to look pretty like her mom. Or maybe this is proof that our dogs watch YouTube beauty tutorials while we're at work? 

  • It Wasn't Me


    Sure, there's a giant pile of foam and fluff where a pillow used to be. But look at that face. Look at it! All those who think this poor pittie's being falsely accused, say, "Aye!" There's got to be a smug cat lurking around here somewhere. 

  • Mulch Master


    There's nothing to say to this very, very sorry doggo that will make him feel worse than he already does. This is a dog who has no idea what came over him, and no clue how to make things better. It's OK, buddy, we all make mistakes!

  • I'm Sorry, Too


    We've all been in a fight with someone where they apologize and say they feel bad, which makes us apologize for them feeling bad, and the whole thing turns into a cycle of, "I'm sorry!" until everyone's crying. This dog was sad over being in time out, so naturally, the pup parent had to apologize.

  • Quite a Scene


    This St. Bernard is oh-so-sorry about what happened to the DVD collection. Those eyes are saying they'll never, ever do it again (and let's be honest -- they couldn't even if they wanted to, because those discs are done for). At least there's still Netflix, right? 

  • Santa's Helper


    This contrite love bug wasn't trying to be naughty by eating Santa's cookies! He just thought with so many houses and treats to eat, the big guy could use a little help, that's all. Pretty sure he deserves an extra gift in his stocking for being so thoughtful. 

  • Goodbye Friend


    Sometimes toys just explode, all by themselves. At least, that seems to be the story this cutie is sticking with. That's a face of pure innocence right there. Whatever he did or didn't do, he didn't mean it, really. Can we take him to the pet store to get a replacement now?

  • Puddle Jumper


    Some doggos just can't resist the chance to cool off, which is how this Goldendoodle ended up in the middle of this massive mud puddle. That ruh-ro look says he knows a bath is coming! But on the bright side, we're sure all this mud will help his coat look fabulous.

  • Flower Fiasco


    This precious border collie mix may be proof that our pets get just as bummed over the end of the holidays as we do. Or maybe he's sad because he didn't get that giant bone he wanted in his stocking this year? Either way, we want to give him a snuggle. 

  • A Flourish of Toilet Paper


    This floofy pom is only kinda sorta sorry. This is the face of a dog who knows her owner can't stay mad at her and thinks everything she does is 'Gram worthy. "Look at my new art installation! I call it 'Paper on Tile.' " She's just so proud of herself. 

  • Destroyed Diploma


    Every dog owner knows the story. We buy our furbabies piles of toys and bones to chew on, and yet they still can resist going for things they're not supposed to have. But this Aussie destroyed something really important -- his mom's diploma. Now he's trying to figure out if it can be mended. 

  • DIY Confetti 


    This furball wasn't trying to cause trouble. He just got bored being home alone and decided to throw himself his own ticker-tape parade, that's all. And really, who can get mad at such an adorable face? It's only paper, after all!

  • Couldn't Get Comfy


    This beauty of a bulldog is so ashamed over what he did to his dog bed overnight that he can't even look his mommy in the eye. It's OK, buddy, we've all had those nights where we toss and turn and just can't get comfy. 

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