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“Does this spark joy?” We have been hearing the phrase repeated everywhere: from our book club that reads Marie Kondo’s The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up, echoing in our homes as we half-watched Netflix's Tidying Up while doing the dishes, scattered across Internet articles and even as we sarcastically said it ourselves as we held up what would otherwise be labeled as garbage while our child insisted that it did, in fact, spark joy

With all these decluttering and minimalist living tips floating around, how come our house is still frustratingly filled with useless stuff? Couldn’t something have sunk in through osmosis? Since the answer is apparently no, we set out to research minimalist living tips so hopefully one day we will live in a house that would make Marie Kondo herself proud, or at least not walk in and say “I’m so excited because I love mess.”

Our research involved paying attention to dear Marie’s teachings, this time with full focus and scouring the Internet for the best minimalist life tips, the same way we will scour our countertops once they are free of the piles of mail and that toaster oven we’ve been meaning to take to get fixed. 

These tips are effective for anyone completing the full tidying process as well as people just trying to do the Cliff’s Notes version of it so the house won’t look quite as shameful by the time it’s their turn to host the next play date. These shorthand tips will cut down on the clutter, making one’s home (and life) easier to move through literally and metaphorically. 

After following through with all of these tips, we’re not saying we are living so minimally that our belongings would fit in a tiny home, but at least the HGTV-inspired daydream is not as laughable as it once was. Hopefully these practical tips and tricks will spark joy in the cleaning process, take it from someone that’s been there. (And by"there" we mean stuck in an almost Hoarders level amount of junk.) Good luck!

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