20 New Hobbies to Fall In Love With This Winter

Megan Zander | Jan 15, 2019 Home & Garden
20 New Hobbies to Fall In Love With This Winter

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After a summer full of basking outdoors, it seems only natural we'll all be ready to spend some time inside once winter arrives. There's something deliciously extravagant about leaning into being lazy and wearing three blankets on top of a sweatshirt while sipping hot chocolate. But after a while (i.e. as soon as the holidays are over and we realize spring is still many weeks away) we get bored being stuck indoors. But what can we do to stay busy after we've emptied out the Netflix queue? 

We could shop away our savings online or waste the evenings scrolling through Instagram. Or we could put this hibernation time to good use by starting up a fun new hobby. Learning a new craft or skill is a great way to bust up the mid-winter blahs and cure cabin fever.

Plus trying something different is good for our brains. Once we graduate, the same old same routines at home and at work aren't giving our gray matter much of a challenge. Taking up a new hobby gives us something different to focus on, and proves that wisdom for sure comes with age. 

For those with wellness on the brain, try starting a regular meditation practice or studying healing crystals and their uses. People who loved art class as kids might find they're secret masters at knitting or hand stamping jewelry. And if having fun as a group is the goal, getting together for a palm reading session is better than going out to any bar. 

Check out this list of exciting indoor hobbies for adults, and start learning something new today. 

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