20 Edgy Decor Ideas for a No-Frills Kind of Mom

Lauren Gordon | Jan 15, 2019 Home & Garden
20 Edgy Decor Ideas for a No-Frills Kind of Mom
Image: Wayfair

skull bowl

There's a stereotypical idea of what being a mother looks like. Often, motherhood is associated with delicate florals, posy pinks, and a whole lot of ruffles. And for some mamas, that couldn't be more on the nose. But for others, those styles just have never spoken to us -- so it can be super frustrating when that is what's pushed on women the second we become moms. Some of us are more into modern clean lines, the blackest of blacks, and rich, velvety textures instead of frilly ruffles. This often leaves our husbands and kids scratching their heads on where to find things for us when it comes to gifts. 

Believe it or not, there are a ton of small accents that can really bring out that bold style. From quirky figurines to dark colored bedding, there's a way to really make sure that style shows. Of course, no two "alternative moms" are alike. Some may favor Gothic vibes, while others just like statement pieces that will make visitors do double takes throughout the house. To help alternative moms get what they'll really want from their loved ones, we pulled together a list of 20 of the quirkiest, cutest, most unusual home decor items we could find.

From creepy skull candles to dark and ornate statement chairs, we have a little something for every price point and mom's own style. And whether mom wants to send this list to her loved ones for some inspiration or just peruse for her own shopping wish list, we are sure these covetable items will inspire mama to make her house just as unique as she is. 

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