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20 DIY Bathroom Hacks For an At-Home Spa Experience

diy at home spa hacks

For lots of busy moms, the bathroom is more about function than form. Instead of being a calming retreat where we go for some self-care, most of us are used to using the bathroom with an audience. Even if we do lock the door for a few moments of quiet, it's not long before tiny hands appear underneath or the kids try to strike up a conversation from the other side. For many of us, the closest we get to giving ourselves a pedicure is sticking out feet in the tub while the kids splash around.

A day at the spa to unwind always seems like a great idea, but doing that is far easier said than done. There's finding a sitter, consulting the budget, and then calling to see if there's any availability. Luckily, it's not necessary to book an appointment every time we need to relax. It turns out there are lots of simple ways to transform a bathroom into our own at-home spa retreat. 

Outside-the-box storage solutions can make it easier to share the space with the family, while still adding a hotel-quality sense of style. For instance, try using a rustic bunk bed ladder or decorative wine rack to store towels instead of a boring metal rack. Looking to add elegance to a nightly routine? Try hanging fresh eucalyptus in the shower or using a bar of soap to help keep mirrors fog-free. 

From pretty and useful storage solutions for hair ties to toilet paper hacks that will leave the family fighting for time on the "throne," these DIY at-home spa bathroom ideas help create a tiny oasis that's right down the hallway.


Hang Eucalyptus In the Shower

Hit up the flower shop for some fresh eucalyptus to hang in the shower. Not only does it look super chic, it can also help fight the constant congestion that comes with cold season. 


Magnetic Knife Rack

Attach a magnetic knife rack to the inside of a cabinet to hold small items like tweezers, nail clippers, and bobby pins. No more stressful "Where is it?!" hunts sounds great to us. 


Make Guests Feel Welcome

Display hotel toiletries and store samples in a decorative bowl so guests can easily take what they need. 


Wine Rack Towel Holder

Use a decorative wine rack to display towels. It looks great and stops the post-shower shuffle of shame to the closet. 


Easy Air Freshener

Add a couple drops of essential oil inside a roll of toilet paper (on the cardboard part) to help keep a bathroom smelling fresh. 


Space-Saving Towel Rack

An unused bunk bed ladder (or hunt around in the garage) can work as a rustic multilevel towel rack that doesn't take up much space. 


Toothbrush Organizer

Hate cluttered counters? A silverware organizer tucked into a drawer helps keep toothbrushes orderly and sanitary. 


Fog-Free Mirrors

Sick of foggy windows post-shower? Coat clean mirrors with a thin layer of bar soap, then wipe away. The soap layer should stop the fog from taking hold. 


Get a Handle on Bath Toys

Reclaim the bathroom as an adult space by adding a pressure-mounted shower curtain for bath toys. Open baskets help toys drip directly into the tub, and now there's space for mom to take a bath!


Make Practical Things Pretty

Make the house feel like a luxe hotel by storing everyday use items like mouthwash or lotion in a decorative bottle. 


Bathtub Shelf

Stop balancing the iPad on the toilet while watching shows in the bath and upgrade to a handy bathtub shelf instead. 


Faux Shiplap

For anyone with HGTV-sized dreams on a budget, patterned contact paper is a super easy (and affordable) way to jump on the shiplap bathroom trend. 


Hello, Counterspace

Give the counters that clear, I've-got-my-life-together look by moving small items into easy-to-grab wall storage jars. 


Supersize Storage

Lacking storage? An over-the-door shoe holder helps keep commonly used items both organized and easy to find. 


Make Bathtime Rosy

Honeymoon suites don't have a monoply on putting rose petals in the tub. The next time the bubble bath bottle is empty, raid the dining room arrangement for an extra special at-home spa experience. 


Double Duty Decor

A stylish office supply caddy helps keep toothbrushes and toothpaste organized and adds a pretty decorative bathroom accent. 


No More Hairtie Struggles

Turn the bathroom into a salon experience every morning by organizing hair accessories in decorative glass jars. 


Lemon Bath

No bath bombs? No problem. Add some sliced lemons to a warm tub for a fragrant, all-natural soak. 

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