20 DIY Bathroom Hacks For an At-Home Spa Experience

Megan Zander | Jan 14, 2019 Home & Garden
20 DIY Bathroom Hacks For an At-Home Spa Experience

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For lots of busy moms, the bathroom is more about function than form. Instead of being a calming retreat where we go for some self-care, most of us are used to using the bathroom with an audience. Even if we do lock the door for a few moments of quiet, it's not long before tiny hands appear underneath or the kids try to strike up a conversation from the other side. For many of us, the closest we get to giving ourselves a pedicure is sticking out feet in the tub while the kids splash around.

A day at the spa to unwind always seems like a great idea, but doing that is far easier said than done. There's finding a sitter, consulting the budget, and then calling to see if there's any availability. Luckily, it's not necessary to book an appointment every time we need to relax. It turns out there are lots of simple ways to transform a bathroom into our own at-home spa retreat. 

Outside-the-box storage solutions can make it easier to share the space with the family, while still adding a hotel-quality sense of style. For instance, try using a rustic bunk bed ladder or decorative wine rack to store towels instead of a boring metal rack. Looking to add elegance to a nightly routine? Try hanging fresh eucalyptus in the shower or using a bar of soap to help keep mirrors fog-free. 

From pretty and useful storage solutions for hair ties to toilet paper hacks that will leave the family fighting for time on the "throne," these DIY at-home spa bathroom ideas help create a tiny oasis that's right down the hallway.

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