20 Quick, Easy DIY Centerpieces for Christmas Parties

Maressa Brown | Dec 19, 2018 Home & Garden
20 Quick, Easy DIY Centerpieces for Christmas Parties


With Christmas just days away, holiday-themed festivities are about to be thrown into high gear. Even the most casual host is likely to be spending time researching the perfect Christmas dinner entrees and sides or going over a guest list to make sure that loved ones have RSVPed for the annual fete. A Pew Research Center survey found 86 percent of respondents planned to celebrate Christmas with family and friends, and the same percentage say they planned to give gifts to friends and family. According to the survey, eight out of every 10 Americans (79 percent) planned to put up a Christmas tree. The point of all of this festive, seasonal celebrating might be to kick back, relax, and have fun. 

But hosts know, perhaps better than anyone, that a lot of work has to be done before that fun can occur. Setting the stage for the ultimate holiday get-together can feel like a big hairy deal. Even if there's little to no pressure involved, and the goal is to pull off a party or dinner in the most low-key -- not to mention budget-friendly -- way, who doesn't want to go above and beyond to make even the most intimate gathering feel magical? All of the elements of a Christmas gathering play into that magic, from the menu to the activities to, of course, the decorations. 

Although the tree is obviously the focal point of any home's Christmas decorations, and outdoor displays are always fun to work on as a family, there's absolutely something to be said for the beauty found in the kind of decor created especially for guests, such as dinner table centerpieces. It's easy to think about elaborate table decor as something that will cost an arm and a leg, but thankfully, there are ways to DIY stunning displays on the cheap and without spending a ton of time, either. Here, 20 quick and easy DIY centerpieces sure to bring whimsy and magic to any Christmas gathering.

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