20 Easy Ways to Make Over an Entryway

Maressa Brown | Dec 14, 2018 Home & Garden
20 Easy Ways to Make Over an Entryway
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entryway with gray walls

Every homeowner has dream designs when it comes to just about any room in the house. Perhaps they've always thought about having a kitchen with an island and a marble countertop. A master bedroom with a double sink and bathroom with a deep-soaking tub and a waterfall shower. A fully furnished basement with an awesome entertainment center that boasts all the high-tech bells and whistles. An outdoor patio that's fit for entertaining, lounging, relaxing, and sipping fruity cocktails in the warmer months. Not to mention that it's a fantasy in and of itself to simply find ways to maximize space and store items in an organized way throughout the home.  

Some dream plans include a little bit of both: one part aesthetic overhaul, the other reworking a space so it boasts maximum storage and systems for keeping it looking chic and organized. After all, as long as the latter is part of the plan, the space will continue to look amazing and be functional well after the initial makeover, once the hectic rhythm of regular, everyday life kicks in. 

One area of a home that would be wise to consider overhauling in this way is undoubtedly the entryway, which is also sometimes referred to as a foyer or mudroom. The mere function of the space requires organization or it can get totally crazy -- especially when kids of varying ages are in the mix. And obviously, homeowners want their entryways to look beautiful, inviting, warm, and representative of their style, because it'll be the first room any visitor sees. It's easy to worry more about the functionality of the space than the design, but who says it's not possible to get both quickly and even on a budget? Here, 20 entryway makeovers that look stylish, are easily tackled, and won't break the bank.   

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