20 Ways to Make Over a Staircase

20 Ways to Make Over a Staircase
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Having one's own home can be one of the most gratifying experiences of adult life. Well before moving day, couples dream of being able to take a house and make it their own, incorporating all kinds of aesthetic details that suit their preferences, style, taste, and lifestyle. Not only will those details make their home more comfortable as they settle in, but also the way homeowners choose to decorate -- and even remodel -- definitely is a way to express identity and to convey that to visiting guests and loved ones. Photographs hung on the walls, art displayed in entryways, a dining table, a sectional couch, and even minor details such as doorknob style choices and welcome mats all serve this purpose. 

But there are structural aspects of a home that can be tougher to switch up. These are the elements that may cause potential home buyers to groan because they know they want something entirely different in their dream home, and it's going to take time and/or money to get that project done. Moving is hard enough; remodeling something such as a whole bedroom or kitchen or, well, even staircase, can feel like a majorly daunting undertaking. But it's easy to understand wanting to ditch a certain aesthetic -- or, in the case of many stairways, dated, stale, possibly even stained carpet.

The good news: Being proactive and making over a staircase isn't necessarily as intimidating as it may seem. Thanks to Pinterest, YouTube, and plenty of other DIY resources, the process of creating a staircase that looks fresh and reflects personal style can actually be fairly quick, easy, and painless on the pocketbook. Here are 20 smart, easy, and budget-friendly ways to make over a staircase. 

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