20 Small Gifts to Celebrate St. Nick's Day

20 Small Gifts to Celebrate St. Nick's Day
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When it comes to the holiday season, families devote a ton of time to prepping for and celebrating the scene-stealing holidays like Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, Christmas, and New Year's. Each and every one of these holidays is filled with its own special traditions. But depending on families' backgrounds, they may celebrate lesser-known holidays that come with their own traditions. One example of this is St. Nicholas Day, which is celebrated all over Europe and in the US, with European immigrants bringing the tradition to the US 200 years ago. Much like to Christmas Eve, December 5 serves as a night on which children put boots, shoes, or stockings out in anticipation of St. Nick's arrival.

On the morning of December 6, the gifts left in shoes and empty stockings tend to be on the small side compared to Christmas presents -- they're literal stocking-stuffers. Traditional St. Nick's gifts include apples and coins. The tradition has been widespread especially among the German, Polish, Belgian, and Dutch communities in the United States, but it can most definitely be adopted by any family who wants to get in on the fun.

From candy to socks, mittens and gloves to small personalized items, crayons to lip balms, there's no end in sight to the sweet, thoughtful, fun, yet small gifts that will fit in a St. Nick's Day shoe, boot, or stocking. Think of the items that are most irresistible at the dollar store or Dollar Spot at Target, and then go from there. The gifts given on St. Nick's Day are meant to be simple, sweet, and send the message that sharing and giving to others, as St. Nick did, brings true joy.

Here are 20 small, fun, and thoughtful St. Nick's Day gifts kids will love.

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