24 Christmas Decorating Ideas Inspired by Chip & Joanna Gaines

24 Christmas Decorating Ideas Inspired by Chip & Joanna Gaines

Chip and Joanna Gaines in shiplap Christmas sweaters

In 2013 HGTV debuted Fixer Upper, and audiences everywhere fell in love with Chip and Joanna Gaines. They've become synonymous with the term "decor goals" and "family goals" and pretty much any type of "goals" one could think of. So it makes sense that as we head into the holiday season, we look to Chip and Joanna to inspire us for our holiday decorating.  No one does it better than Chip and Joanna. Even though Fixer Upper has ended (we're not crying), we still have the Magnolia brand and the couple's social media accounts to keep us up to date on the Gaines gang and all the decor that inspires us to spruce up our homes. Seriously, their ideas are pretty good and have us excited to try a few things out this holiday season.

Chip and Jo's Hearth and Hand home collection at Target continues to inspire us as it has reasonably priced items -- including stylish holiday pieces. The collection includes over 300 items with many priced under $30. Everything from ornaments, to tree skirts, stockings, and so much more are present and accounted for that puts us in our holiday feels.

Those who are longing for their homes to look like Chip and Joanna's during the holidays -- or really any day of the year -- now have the tools (or should we say accoutrements?) to do so. The only challenge will be trying not to buy them all!

We're looking to all things Gaines -- and their Magnolia company -- for decorating inspiration this holiday season. Joanna and Chip have the decor game covered, and we feel so inspired (and energized) to try our hand at styling up our homes to reflect the magic of the season.

After all, 'tis the season to decorate!

  • Measure the Christmas Tree *Before* Committing


    Joanna documented her family Christmas tree fiasco after a certain husband (*cough, cough,* Chip) thought a 13-foot tree would be perfect for the home (LOL). Welp, the tree did fit ... after moving the dining room furniture to the living room.

  • Try a New Advent Calendar


    The Gaines created this advent calendar, which slides open each day to count down until Christmas. It's made of wood, so it's sturdy enough to last year after year.

  • Don't Forget About the Outdoors


    The outside of the home is the first thing people see when they visit. Chip and Joanna debuted this gorgeous decor on a special Christmas episode of Fixer Upper back in 2015. We just love the festive throw pillows coordinated with the holiday greenery.

  • Vintage for the Win


    Joanna admitted her kids were scared of this wreath of old toys when she posted this pic in 2015. But she also said she was a "sucker for a collection of things already collected."

    We totally approve!

  • Add a Mailbox to Santa


    As part of their Hearth and Hand line at Target, Chip and Joanna created a ton of adorable Christmas decor -- including this mailbox for letters to Santa that looks great placed in the entryway or foyer.

  • Leave No Corner Bare


    From entryways to nooks, the Gaineses give us plenty of inspiration on how to decorate every inch of the house! Simple accents and wall hangings can pack a big punch!

  • Try a Monochromatic Tree


    Monochromatic Christmas trees are all the rage these days. Chip and Joanna opted for a white tree in their home in 2017, but made sure to add plenty of lights for an extra festive feel.

    Oh, and just look at all that delicious Christmas candy!

  • Get Creative With Wall Decor


    How creative and fun! This letter board is a great way to get kids involved in decorating for the holidays. Switch up the holiday phrase -- or lyrics from a fave song!

  • Break Out the Holiday Wall Decor


    Speaking of wall decor, there are so many festive decor options -- like Jo and Chip's "Christmas Trees" sign -- that are perfect for the season and can be stored away after the holidays.

  • Create a Christmas Village


    Try a modern take on a Christmas village with this simple idea. Add some pine branches and some decorative trees and it's good to go!

  • Skip Expected Wrapping Paper


    Simple brown paper and green ribbon make for great wrapping paper. It's an easy way to include presents in the Christmas decor aesthetic.

  • Get Festive With Ornaments


    Adding fun ornaments to the Christmas tree steps up the decor game while staying true to the spirit of the holiday. Mix and match old favorites and new ones, or mark the year with a meaningful ornament.

  • Try a New Wreath


    This modern take on the Christmas wreath is so gorgeous. Add some houses and evergreen sprigs to complete this festive look. There's also the option to try a DIY holiday wreath, should the Martha Stewart spirit fill ya.

  • Get Creative With Color


    These pink trees add just the right amount of color and whimsy to holiday decor. Choose a favorite color, then add the holiday decorations for a personal touch.

  • Create the Perfect Mantle


    Stockings hung by the fire with care -- and a gorgeous wreath and garland, of course. Chip and Joanna's team really know how to keep decor simple, yet stunning.

  • Set the Table


    Candles and greenery are an easy (and affordable) way to decorate the Christmas table!

  • Try a Non-Traditional Tree Skirt


    Ditch the red and green for a more modern look. We love this woven tree skirt; it's just the right blend of cozy and chic.

  • Go Green Everywhere!


    Stairs make for the perfect decor landscape, and this railing is all sorts of gorg with evergreens, pine cones, ribbon, and berries for the perfect holiday look.

  • Got Fruit? Use It


    Who knew dried fruit would look so pretty on a wreath? This delicious-looking wreath incorporates various citrus fruits, and we're in love!

  • Mix Up Wreaths


    Next to the Christmas tree, the wreath is perhaps the most popular holiday decor item. There are so many different styles, so definitely don't feel like the limit is one per household.

  • Set Up a Hot Chocolate Bar


    This cute hot chocolate bar that Joanna set up in her home is super simple to recreate. Just fill some jars with hot chocolate powder, marshmallows, candy canes, or anything else. This is a great idea for entertaining, or as a special treat for Christmas morning.

  • Don't Forget the Kids' Rooms


    In 2015, Joanna set up these adorable and colorful decorations in her kids' room. And from the looks of it, they were totally grateful for it, as they wrote, "I love my room," on the chalkboard behind the stockings.

    Decorating kids' rooms is a way to get them involved.

  • Use Personalized Signs


    While Santa likely won't be in the average person's garden, fun holiday signs like this are still a cute touch.

  • Don't Forget to Enjoy!


    At the end of all the holiday decorating, don't forget to stop and soak it in with the ones we love to call our family.

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