20 Glitter-Free DIY Ornaments to Keep the Kids Busy

Maressa Brown | Nov 30, 2018 Home & Garden
20 Glitter-Free DIY Ornaments to Keep the Kids Busy

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The holiday season is filled with traditions shared by families all over the globe, as well as annual festivities that are unique to individual families. But the custom of putting up a festive tree and trimming it with sparkly, shimmery ornaments -- many of which might bring certain heartwarming memories to mind -- is certainly one that people of various backgrounds enjoy. 

The tradition of hanging ornaments on Christmas trees in the US dates back to the 1890s, according to History.com. The first ornaments were imported from Germany when more and more families were hopping on the tree bandwagon, choosing especially large trees that reached from floor to ceiling.

The site notes that, in the early 20th century, Americans were especially fond of using homemade ornaments to decorate their magnificent Christmas trees. Those who came from Germany originally leaned toward sweets, such as apples, nuts, and marzipan cookies. Another favorite: popcorn, which was dyed bright colors and then strung together with berries and nuts. 

It's no surprise that once homes had electricity, more families opted to put glimmering string lights on their trees. And let's not forget how much families of the 1950s loved their tinsel and garlands, two items that, while not nearly as popular, are definitely still used today.

While the bells and whistles of decorating have evolved over the years, there's one thing that's remained constant: Little ones absolutely love creating ornaments and making their mark on the family tree. Parents also adore being able to wistfully look back at children's ornaments made over the years. One thing they don't love: glitter getting everywhere. (And as anyone who has ever worked with it while crafting knows, it gets everywhere!)

Thankfully, there are plenty of DIY ornaments for kids that don't involve the sparkly, messy stuff. Here are 20 cute, easy, and minimally messy ornament tutorials children are sure to love. 

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