20 Perfect Gifts to Give for All 8 Nights of Hanukkah

Maressa Brown | Nov 28, 2018 Home & Garden
20 Perfect Gifts to Give for All 8 Nights of Hanukkah
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On Sunday, December 2, Jewish families all over the globe will celebrate the first night of Hanukkah. The Festival of Lights lasts eight nights and commemorates the rededication of the Second Temple in Jerusalem that occurred during the second century B.C. As the story goes, Jewish soldiers took on a tyrant king from Syria who forced them to worship Greek gods. The Maccabean Revolt, lead by Jewish priest Mattathias and his five sons, resulted in the Syrians being driven out of Jerusalem. It was then that the Jews were able to reclaim the Second Temple, which had been desecrated during the war. And that's when the miracle of Hanukkah is said to have occurred.

While attempting to rededicate the temple, the Maccabees needed pure, specially prepared olive oil to light the menorah, which is supposed to be eternally lit. They could only find one small flask of uncontaminated oil -- just enough to burn for one day. But it lasted for eight nights in all -- which is why Hanukkah is celebrated for that same number of nights.

And Hanukkah is celebrated by lighting a menorah, as well singing, dancing, playing games (like spinning the dreidel), and eating delicious traditional foods, which, given the symbolism of the oil, are fried up with lots of it. Latkes, fried potato pancakes (served with sour cream and/or applesauce), and fried donuts (generally of the jelly-filled variety) are the two biggies.

While families tend to have their own traditions, and it's definitely not a must to exchange gifts every single night, it can be fun to do so. From smaller, quirkier, more budget-friendly picks to more elaborate, luxe options -- especially for the eighth and final night -- here are gift ideas for every night of the Festival of Lights. 

  • First Night: Sugarfina Happy Hanukkah 3-Piece Candy Bento Box 


    With seven nights to go, it might be best to keep first night gifts sweet and simple. That's why something like this Sugarfina candy gift -- featuring dark chocolate sea salt caramels, Champagne Bubbles, and Robin's Egg caramels -- is perfect. Bonus: The candy can be enjoyed throughout the holiday.

    Sugarfina Happy Hanukkah 3-Piece Candy Bento Box ($26, Nordstrom) 

  • First Night: Williams Sonoma Infused Oil Gift Set


    Hanukkah celebrates the miracle of oil that fueled a lamp in the Temple in Jerusalem for eight nights. For that reason, traditional Hanukkah foods are fried, like latkes and sufganiyot (jelly donuts). These yummy, gourmet infused oils could be used throughout the holiday and well after.

    Williams Sonoma Infused Oil Gift Set ($40, Williams Sonoma)

  • First Night: Sequin 'Love You A Latke' Hoodie


    This super cute Hanukkah-themed sweatshirt could be worn for the remaining seven nights -- and definitely beyond that. 

     Sequin "Love You A Latke" Hoodie ($36, Modern Tribe)

  • Second Night: Dreidel Cookie Earrings


    The best second night gifts may be those that are humorous, modest, and possibly holiday-themed -- like these dreidel cookie earrings. The gift recipient can't spin them, but she can definitely style them up for the remaining days and nights of Hanukkah!

    Dreidel Cookie Earrings ($25, Modern Tribe)

  • Second Night: Shvitz It Out Gym Bag

    Shvitz It Out Gym Bag

    The best antidote to eating one too many latkes? Hitting the gym, obviously, and accessorizing with a gym bag that sports a cute Yiddish slogan.

    Shvitz It Out Gym Bag ($34, Modern Tribe)

  • Second Night: One Dozen Marzipan Bagels 


    Of course they aren't exactly Hanukkah food, but when bagels are tiny, adorable, and made out of marzipan, one should buy them as a second night Hanukkah gift. 

    One Dozen Marzipan Bagels ($44, Modern Tribe)

  • Third Night: Rich Rugelach Gift Box


    Gift these delicious pastries that are yummy year-round and definitely delightful during Hanukkah. 

    Rich Rugelach Gift Box ($40, Wolferman's)

  • Third Night: Kush Queen Complete Mini Collection


    For the remaining five nights of Hanukkah (or whenever!), the gift recipient can enjoy a bath bomb made with hemp CBD. This collection includes five minis that help with energy, sleep, pain, relaxation, and passion. Each has 10mg CBD.

    Kush Queen Complete Mini Collection ($30, Kush Queen)

  • Fourth Night: Hanukkah Candle by Homesick 


    Chances are, by night four -- which, this year, falls on a Wednesday -- the gift recipient may be finding they're getting a bit sidetracked by every day life and has to do more of a quickie menorah-lighting versus full-on evening of Hanukkah fun. Enter this candle that smells like "latkes, fresh out of the frying pan with applesauce," as well as "boxes of warm jelly donuts from the corner market." Yum.

    Hanukkah Candle by Homesick ($35, Modern Tribe)

  • Fourth Night: Michael Aram Olive Branch Nut Dish


    Halfway through the holiday, it's OK to get a little fancier. Michael Aram, who is known for his pretty Judaica, is the artist behind this olive branch nut dish, which is certainly the spirit of the season (after all, olives make olive oil!).  

    Michael Aram Olive Branch Nut Dish ($100, Amazon)

  • Fifth Night: Estella Bartlett Star of David Necklace


    This super pretty, simple, chic Star of David necklace is perfect for the fifth night of Hanukkah -- or any night, or day, really. 

    Estella Bartlett Star of David Necklace ($32, Nordstrom)

  • Fifth Night: Capri Blue Champagne Jar Candle


    Hanukkah may only last eight nights, but this beautiful candle (which smells like juicy tarocco orange, apples, sparkling cassis, and lime zest blended with notes of sugared plum, red currant, and berries, grounded in a sweet base of vanilla sugar and creamy musk) can offer light and comfort through the rest of the winter.

    Capri Blue Champagne Jar Candle ($30, Anthropologie)

  • Sixth Night: Donut Decoration Stencils


    Step up Hanukkah donut decorating with these cute stencils: Candle,  Menorah, Pitcher, Dreidel, and "Happy Holiday" in Hebrew letters.

    Donuts Decoration Stencils ($14, Etsy)

  • Sixth Night: Eclectic Mercury Votives


    This pretty blue votive holder set can serve as a reminder of the night on which it was gifted (it has six holders!). The set comes in a stunning Hannukah-inspired hue. 

    Eclectic Mercury Votives ($40, Pottery Barn)

  • Seventh Night: Marleigh Lightweight Cozy Bath Robe


    By the seventh night (which falls on a Saturday this year), it's time to relax and get warm and snuggly. This cozy bath robe makes for a gift just about anyone would love -- all year.  

    Marleigh Lightweight Cozy Bath Robe ($99, Pottery Barn)

  • Seventh Night: Halycon Crystal EDP


    This sodalite-infused perfume is a woodsy blend of amber, clementine, and rose said to promote peace and harmony, which is perfect for the spirit of the season, no matter what holiday one celebrates. 

    Halycon Crystal EDP ($28, Anthropologie)

  • Seventh Night: Wilder Journal


    This beautiful, faux leather turquoise journal is a lovely seventh night option for the recipient who enjoys staying organized with lists or scribbling down her most whimsical thoughts. 

    Wilder Journal ($36, Nordstrom)

  • Eighth Night: Hanukkah Celebration Platter


    This pretty platter is perfect for serving donuts or latkes in style on the eighth night -- Hanukkah's last hurrah! 

    Hanukkah Celebration Platter ($50, Pottery Barn)

  • Eighth Night: Bose SoundLink Micro Bluetooth Speaker


    Playing beloved Hanukkah songs at a festive eighth night party will be even more fun, thanks to this small but mighty Bose speaker. 

    Bose SoundLink Micro Bluetooth Speaker ($99, Nordstrom)

  • Eighth Night: The White Company Mother of Pearl Picture Frame


    This stunning frame could hold a family photo taken during Hanukkah or another heartwarming moment -- from the past or future.

    The White Company Mother of Pearl Picture Frame ($75-$98, Nordstrom)


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