These Stunning Vacation Rentals From Around the World Are Actually Affordable

These Stunning Vacation Rentals From Around the World Are Actually Affordable

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When you scroll through your Instagram feed, does it ever feel like everyone you know is on some gorgeous beach vacation or mountain getaway? We all dream of the days where we can leave all of our stress behind and indulge in a holiday, but the instantaneous thought of our empty wallet usually holds us back. Traveling can be very expensive and requires quite a lot of planning, which puts it out of reach for many people. 

A vacation doesn't need to be complicated nor does it have to break the bank. Some savvy planning with inexpensive rental sites can make a dream vacation more within reach because the variety of interesting accommodations at various price points has been ever expanding in the digital age. 

If you're ready to round up your friends or maybe even slink away solo, here are 40 beautiful vacation rentals that are waiting for you to pack your bags and come see them!

This article by Angela Andaloro originally appeared on The Daily Toast and was republished with permission. 

  • Studio Apartment - Minsk, Belarus


    This clean and modern apartment is the in the epicenter of anything you'd like to do in Minsk! Close to a historical landmarks, food, and fun, this place can by yours, for just $36/night.

  • Beachside Apartment - Zadar, Croatia


    Adventurers will love this apartment, close to a national park but even closer to a beach -- just across the street in fact! Enjoy the seaside views after a day of outdoor sports for just $38/night.

  • A Glass House - Erhai Lake, China


    Enjoy a cozy night's sleep under the milky way in a house where 9 different breeds of cats can be found for just $49/night.

  • Art Nouveau House - Tbilsi, Georgia


    Enjoy all that the capital of Georgia has to offer for just $49/night in these historically rich digs!

  • Spacious Studio - Athens, Greece


    Stay in one of the oldest cities in civilization for just $50/night! Whether you're checking out historical landmarks or soaking in Greek nightlife, everything is just a walk away from this colorful, fun studio.

  • Treehouse - Bavaria, Germany


    Experience this German market town from an old school treehouse stocked with vinyls and classic literature for just $56/night.

  • Terrace Apartment - Havana, Cuba


    This stunning apartment is dead in the center of Havana, Cuba. Lose yourself in Cuba's colorful beauty for just $58/night.

  • Apartment - Baranquilla, Columbia


    This beautiful apartment in the heart of Baranquilla brings Caribbean vibes for just $59/night. Can anyone else picture themselves devouring books all week in that hammock?

  • A Private Villa - Bali, Indonesia


    This villa in Bali feels like luxury without breaking the bank! Shuttles will bring you where you need to go, or you can just stay there and take it all in. It'll cost you just $62/night.

  • A Villa Retreat - Picnic Bay, Australia


    This stunning villa is close to the beach and a national park! Enjoy luxury in serene settings for $62/night.

  • Romantic Suite - Valparaiso, Chile


    Enjoy views of this seaside city from a romantic suite in a 20th century building rich with history! Nearby fun, interesting attractions make this a steal at $62/night.

  • Rustic Beachfront Villa - Nayarti, Mexico


    This cozy beach town gives you an opportunity to live slower and more majestically for just $64/night. That's just too much of a dream to pass up.

  • A Coffee Ranch - Concepcion de San Isidro


    Experience coffee from bush to cup at this boutique coffee ranch! Take a day trip to a waterfall and come back to a one-of-a-kind cup for just $64/night. A coffee-lover's fantasy vacay!

  • The Arctic Fox Room - Selfoss, Iceland


    This community oriented space features breathtaking views of the Northern Lights for just $65/night. Don't miss out on this dreamy scenario.

  • Seaside Apartment - Lima, Peru


    This modern apartment has cascading views of seaside Peru for just $65/night. Don't ask too many people to join because everyone will say yes!

  • Guest Bungalow - Loreto, Mexico


    This friendly, local neighborhood has a wealth of activities in walking distance from this cozy bungalow, located in Baja, California. You can escape here for just $66/night.

  • House Truck - Wainui Bay, New Zealand


    This house truck will make you feel like a pioneer! Enjoy nature and a host of outdoor sports for just $69/night.

  • Penthouse - Edinburgh, Scotland


    Explore Edinburgh with this beautiful penthouse room as your home base for just $70/night. Attractions all over Scotland can be reached by car, but there's plenty to do in walking distance too!

  • Tree Room - Sunset, Louisiana, USA


    Enjoy the American southern countryside in this little treetop getaway, filled with custom made furniture! See what Louisiana has to offer for just $70/night.

  • Sacred Geome Treehouse - Montezuma, Costa Rica


    This unique treehouse is located on an active farm! Perfect for a meditation vacation, it can be yours for $71/night.

  • Apartment - Playa del Carmen, Mexico


    A Mexican getaway at one of these comfy Playa del Carmen apartments can be yours for just $72/night. Count me in because I can't wait to jump into that deep, blue pool!

  • Garden Room with Wood Stove - Ermelo, Netherlands


    Get in touch with nature in this beautiful and unique garden room! Take in this exquisite natural scene for just $73/night.

  • 19th Century Apartment - Baltimore, Maryland, USA


    Fall in love with historic Fell's Point or take a stroll over to the Inner Harbor! This Baltimore Apartment is in the heart of it all and has the unique pleasure of being a former watering hole. Enjoy it for just $75/night.

  • Shepherd's Hut Glamping - Forgandenny, United Kingdom


    A panoramic window gives you breathtaking views of the countryside in this traditional shepherd's hut for just $77/night. If you want to get more in touch with the outdoors, tents are available for . the glamping area.

  • Cozy Apartment - Portland, Oregon, USA


    This apartment's charm will introduce you to the homey creative vibe that emanates through Portland! Get your west coast adventure started for just $79/night.

  • Eco-Cabin - Paramin, Trinidad and Tobago


    Enjoy mountain, sea, and forest all in one cozy eco-cabin! Take in the natural wonders on Trinidad and Tobago's third highest peak for just $80/night.

  • A Room in a Countryside Cottage - Canicatti, Sicily


    Get a feel for the Italian countryside in this beautiful cottage! It's close to everything you might need from town, but also close to the beach. You can kick back at this serene cottage for just $82/night

  • Writer's Cabin - Kenosha, Wisconsin, USA


    Become one with the pen while you take in mesmerizing views of Lake Michigan for just $82/night. The midwest has an awful lot to offer.

  • Wee Whiskey Barrel - Forres, Scotland


    This Scotland barrel boasts Lord of the Rings vibes for just $84/night. Well, slap my face and call me a hobbit, because I'm already packing my bags!

  • Eco-Loft - Franklin, Maine, USA


    This insane eco-loft is on an organic farm! Beautiful views bring the feeling of home, but venture out and find fun in nature for just $87/night.

  • Compact Cabin - Coromandel, New Zealand


    This cozy cabin on the Coromandel peninsula has more beautiful views than you'll know what to do with. Check in for a relaxing getaway at just $87/night.

  • Guest Suite - Miami, Florida, USA


    This fabulous guest suite gives you all the fun-in-the-sun feelings of Miami without breaking the bank! Just 15 minutes away from Miami beach, these luxe digs could be yours for just $87/night.

  • Secluded Cottage - Westport, Ontario, Canada


    Stay at a quaint, quiet cottage for $88/night. Located in the Canadian wilderness, you're never too far from any of the lush natural attractions! Have an unplugged getaway and enjoy their selection of books and board games.

  • The Brandy Bus - Nairobi, Kenya


    Tucked away in a suburb of Nairobi is this converted double-decker bus, giving you the feeling of staying outdoors with a little more comfort. Close to attractions and airports, it can be yours for $90/night.

  • Zen Suite - San Diego, California, USA


    This Spanish style zen suite gives you ample space to soak up the sun in style. You can also enjoy outdoor activities in this sleepy San Diego hideaway for just $90/night.

  • A Large Yurt - Bauges, France


    Enjoy a stay in the French mountainside that's equal parts roughing it and luxury. You can hike and bike in the spring and ski during the winter, all for just $92/night.

  • Cloudy Cabin - Sevierville, Tennessee, USA


    Getaway to this $92/night studio apartment nestled in the Smoky Mountains! Close to attractions but stocked for comfort, you'll struggle with whether to stay and enjoy or venture out and explore.

  • Chic Apartment - Madrid, Spain


    This simple apartment in Puerta del Sol, Madrid packs a big value at $92/night! Clean and simple living in a wonderful Spanish city can't be anything but perfection.

  • Tiny House - Lexington, Kentucky, USA


    Explore the tiny house crazy for yourself in this Amish-built house! With chickens and rabbits on the grounds, you'll get a feel for American farm life for just $92/night.

  • Treehouse - Bali, Indonesia


    Whether you're interested in surfing or lounging in the pool, this lush, beautiful tree house offers you breathtaking views of verdant Indonesia for just $99/night.

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