The World's Most Expensive Mansions Will Blow Your Mind

The World's Most Expensive Mansions Will Blow Your Mind
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The World's Most Expensive Mansions range from $100 million to over $1 billion. So, who's actually buying these ridiculously-appointed pads? Your sultans, your princes, and some regular old-fashioned tycoons. Some of these may even belong to your favorite celeb couples...

Check out these stunning pics of 40 of the most outrageously expensive mansions in the world. It will either depress the heck out of you because your digs look nothing like them or, it may inspire you to work harder to achieve your dreams. Maybe you could one day be the owner of a crazy manse with several butlers, 12 bathrooms, and an infinity pool!

This article by Monica D. originally appeared on The Daily Toast and is republished with permission. 

  • Antilia House


    Businessman, Mukesh Ambani designed the $2 billion mansion to house him and his family and his many, many amenities. Six floors are devoted to parking ... alone. Throw in some ballrooms, a helipad, dance studio, personal auto body repair floor and a permanent staff of 600 and you're starting to get a sense of the luxury that the Antilia offers.

  • Buckingham Palace


    To be clear, Buckingham Palace is not up for grabs, but, according to experts the home could fetch as much as $5 billion. Its size alone is MASSIVe (828,821 square feet) with 40 acres in gardens alone.

  • Palace of Versailles


    The palatial grounds of Versailles cover over 8,000,000 square feet and it all could be yours for $50 billion. Sound steep? Well you get beautiful gardens, billions in priceless art and the bragging rights of owning the former home of King Louis XIV aka the 'Sun God.'

  • Forbidden City


    Forbidden City is no longer used as a residence but from 1420 to 1912 it sure was. Forbidden City is a palatial compound made up of 980 buildings and is over 728,000 square feet. It's not a UNESCO World Heritage Site and would cost about $69.9 billion if someone was feeling very bold.

  • Blenheim Palace


    Blenheim Palace bears the distinction of being the only non-royal/non-ecclesiastical palace in England. It's the birthplace of Winston Churchill, sits on 8 square kilometers of land and would cost $236 million to buy.

  • Windsor Castle


    Windsor Castle was built in the 11th century and has survived 41 monarchs. The castle sprawls over 53,000 square feet and if you had the scratch, you could buy the longest-inhabited royal home for $236 million.

  • Ak Saray Palace


    The Turkish Presidential Palace was completed in 2014 and is four times the size of Versailles. Dubbed Ak Saray 9The White House) it has been a controversial pet project of President Erdogan. The building cost was double the estimated $230 million, meaning it ended up costing over $600 million.

  • Istana Nurul Iman


    The Sultan of Brunei's home is The Istana Nurul Iman (The Light of Faith Palace) and is considered by the Guinness Book of World Records to be the world's largest palace. And at $3.5 billion, it better be!

  • Winter Palace


    Winter Palace in Saint Petersburg, Russia was the official residence of the Russian monarchy from 1732 to 1917 (and if your world history stacks up, you'll remember things didn't go so well for the royals). However, things are good now! And the Palace can be yours for $6.4 billion.

  • Hearst Castle


    Hearst Castle is the former resident of William Randolph Hearst, a mogul in his day whose legacy took on a different meaning after the Patty Hearst kidnapping. You could buy the massive estate (complete with farmlands and your own zebras) for $130 million.

  • Imperial Palace Tokyo


    The Imperial Palace is home to Emperor Akihito and, like many of the state homes on this list, has gorgeous natural views. Not only is the palace large, its location couldn't be more desirable. The price is steep though, $12.25 billion to be exact. 

  • Rutland Gate Mansion


    Rutland Gate Mansion is a private residence in the elite Hyde Park neighborhood of London. This piece of real estate is so precious, it was once owned by Saudi Arabia's Crown Prince Sultan bin Abdulaziz al Saud and a Lebanese prime minister. It was listed for $300 million in 2015.

  • Villa Leopolda


    Located in the Alps-Maritime in the French Riviera, Villa Leopolda was designed by American Architect Ogden Condman, Jr. for King Leopold II of Belgium. It is estimated to cost $750 million and appeared in the Hitchcock film, 'To Catch a Thief.'

  • Chartwell Bel Air


    The Chartwell Bel Air Mansion is the most expensive listing in American, coming in at $350 million. Late television executive and Univision head, Jerry Perenchio, owned the property which was former used for exterior shots on 'The Beverly Hillbillies.'

  • Palazzo Di Amore


    The Palazzo Di Amore in Beverly Hills, CA has been listed at $195 million. The main residence is 35,000 square feet and you get your very own wine cellar.

  • Spelling Manor


    The late TV writer, Aaron Spelling, built a breathtaking home for his family. It's valued at $150 million and has a private gym, screening room and bowling alley!

  • 17 Kensington Palace Gardens


    Kensington Gardens is intended for the super elite and the super elite only. Thus, when Russian tycoon Roman Abromovich was in the market for something pretty, he looked no further than London's finest "hood." He shelled out $140 million to live on "Billionaire's Row."

  • The Beverly House


    The Beverly House is a Los Angeles gem. It was the honeymoon love next for JFK and Jackie Kennedy. It is priced at $150 million.

  • 7 Upper Phillimore Gardens


    Yes, this property is owned by the very rich businesswoman Olena Pinchuk. Her father was Ukraine's second president but she's not your average privileged Londonite. She's devoted much of her life fighting for a cure for AIDS. She often hosts her pal Elton John in the $128 million London mansion.

  • Rancho San Carlos Montecito


    Another one for California! This Spanish mansion is priced at $125 million and has a full whiskey pub indoors. Ooh, baby!

  • Manalapan Mansion


    With 1,200 square feet of ocean-front real estate, the price tag of $165 million doesn't seem THAT crazy.

  • 1080 Meadow Lane Hamptons


    For most of us, when we hear "Hamptons" we know something good is happening. And this mansion is a whole lot of something good. It has 12,000 square feet, a tennis court, and an indoor pool The whopping price tag is $150 million.

  • West Creek Ranch


    Make of this what you will, but the $149 million listing boasts mountain lion and bear habitats and "real dinosaur footprints."

  • La Dune Southampton


    For $145 million, this pretty thing on Southampton comes with 22 bedrooms and 21 bathrooms and a whole lotta ocean!

  • Briar Patch


    Who doesn't love a Georgian Revival style mansion on the water? NOBODY. That's who. The $140 million mansion has been on the market since 2014, without making any price cuts!

  • Il Palmetto


    Coming down from $137 million to a respectable $115 million is the former home of Nestcape co-founder, Jim Clark. The architecture is 1930's Italian Renaissance and all class.

  • Las Varas Ranch


    Yet another majestic ranch on the list. This time it's las Varas, located in Goleta, California, just outside of Santa Barbara. The home is not as sizable as some of the others on this list, but it comes with 2 miles of private beachfront. Not bad for $104 million.

  • Bel Air Spec


    You can't even talk about most expensive mansions without knowing the name Bruce Makowsky. He designed this $250 million mansion and is a well-known fixture on the luxury real state market.

  • Owlwood Estate


    Located in Holmby Hills, yet another exclusive L.A. enclave, this estate was once owned by 60's pop-royalty Sonny and Cher. It's basically a must-buy at $180 million.

  • Great Island Connecticut


    This is one of those mansions that was built to get away from it all. You're on an island in rural Connecticut with horses, but if you really HAD to get to Manhattan, it would be an hour. (I imagine via personal helicopter). Price is $175 million.

  • Holmby Hills Villa


    Owned by BCBG designer, Max Azria, this $88 million super-stylish mansion is the epitome of decadence. Designed in the 1930s by architect Paul Williams, it sits squarely in what folks in the L.A. real estate game call the "Platinum Triangle" (i.e. zip code goals).

  • Chateau d'Or Bel Air


    it appears Los Angeles is a little heavy on this list, but what can we say?! Where else are you going to find a $85 million mansion over 35,000 feet with a wine cellar the size of a Cheesecake Factory?!

  • Del Dios Ranch


    Located in Rancho Santa Fe, California, this $85 million ranch is over 200 acres and feels like a taste of Tuscany on the west coast.

  • Mount Nicholson Apartment


    Though I had never heard of Mount Nicholson, Hong Kong before compiling this list, I know I'll be hearing much more about it from now on. This state-of-the-art home is part of the larger Mount Nicholson development which people are gobbling up properties on like hot cakes. This one fetched $149 million.

  • Knightsbridge London


    Dubbed as a $120 million 'super-flat,' I'd expect a little more than a 4-bedroom apartment. But, the neighborhood is swanky and the building is elite so let me mind my business.

  • 428 Park Avenue Apartment


    People often complain about New York real estate being out of control, but this might take the cake. A Chinese developer bought three apartments in this exclusive building for $91.1 million and prices don't seem to be dropping anytime soon.

  • Kurt Rapaport Malibu Home


    $120 million will get you this luxury Malibu property rumored to have been bought by the Edmonton Oilers' Hockey team. FYI: the house was featured in Tom Ford's film "Nocturnal Animals."

  • Beaux Arts Mansion


    This w acky New York mansion is valued at &84.5 million. Located on the Upper East Side and spanning over 15,000 square feet, it features such ritzy delights as a makeup refrigerator!

  • Villa les Cedres


    Located smack-dab in the center of the French Riviera is this estate with many quaint properties. For $415 million, it could all be yours. 

  • Atelier 45th Floor


    All nine apartments on the 45th floors are available at a whopping $85 million price tag. Developers have been waiting three years to sell the property and are now throwing in a $1 million yacht for five years, wow!

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